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  1. I agree with this. Forrest got caught and just like in his other fights his game plan went completely out the window after that. It was very bizarre watching it because he really had no chance staying on his feet with Silva.
  2. BJ comes from a wealthy family and doesn't need the money. Seems to be grasping at straws and making an attempt to save face IMHO.
  3. Randy's time is running out. Spending money on lawyers and hoping to win a court battle with the UFC is -ev. Too bad he didn't figure this out sooner. He signed the contract and imho got really bad managerial advice. Randy beats Lesnar in a snooze fest but still it's a must see for me.
  4. Good times. Been a great WSOP for the pros. Hope that carries over to the ME.
  5. Didn't seem like the crowd was into any of the fights except the Slice/Tank match up. Yves Edwards was a great ko. Tank is hopefully done for good - its no longer cool to say that you dont train and you drink lots. He's just a name for someone to beat. Shamrock vs. Slice = Nice.
  6. Do you have The Fight Network -- its being shown live. Tank is way past his prime but has a punchers chance. Looks like a pretty decent card.
  7. They got off to a good start. I can't understand why they signed Kevin Lowe to a long term deal before seeing how his off season moves pan out. Still can't get over letting Ryan Smyth get away. I'd rather have him than Souray.
  8. reyho

    The Questions Game

    Wasn't Webster the lamest show on earth?
  9. We thought about renting a car and were told the driving is pretty crazy. My parents winter in Arizona and next year we plan on driving down to see them and on the way checking out the Hoover Dam. We are definitely up from some stand up comedy and that sounds like a great idea that I am sure all would enjoy. Thanks for some great ideas. Looks like I'm not going to accomplish much work in today!!
  10. The Fashion Show Mall was on her list of places to go but she is a notorious bargain shopper (thank God for that). I assume she and her friend will be venturing off the strip where things are much cheaper. As a local if you know of a specific area I should suggest to her I would appreciate that.We talked about Blue Man group and the Cirque de soliel but in her infinite wisdom she chose Celine Dion. Thankfully I do not have to go to that which gives me and the other guys more casino time.I really appreciate your response. Just to add, up here in Alberta it has been a really cold and snowy A
  11. Thanks for the great responses. Yes transportation is going to be a pain but I was told they have a shuttle that runs back and forth to MGM or another hotel that is commonly owned? For the shopping I think she was talking about going to some outlet malls. Good point on the shopping vs. buying - regardless of how I do at the tables I will be telling her I am losing just to ensure a buying frenzy does not occur.
  12. As the title suggests I am making my first trip out to Las Vegas tomorrow. With Neteller being shut down to Canadians I decided it was the right time to cash out and make the voyage. I am going with my wife, another couple, and a friend.I plan on playing some limit hold'em and checking out a wide range of casinos. We are staying at the Luxor which I mistakenly thought was in a really good location. Friends of mine recently got back from a trip and they gave me some ideas of things, "You have to check out." I know this has been asked many times but I just wanted to ask some of the more sea
  13. I agree with this but c'mon Kariya over Smyth? I think Kariya is way overrated. You can't just look at paper stats to get an appreciation of what Smyth brings. IMHO, of course I'm pretty biased.
  14. reyho


    Wow I can't believe some of the scores you guys have posted. I watched the you tube click and am amazed. Looks like work will be suffering some more.
  15. Yeah, I heard this too. If this is true there is no way Ryan will ever come back to Edmonton - unless he fires his agent.
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