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  1. Significant being the key word. I dont understand how big of a difference I'm looking at.
  2. So I was using a rake calculator to get estimates of my rakeback at FT and Cake this summer playing either 2/4(6max) or 5/10. I noticed you receive more rakeback playing 2/4 than at 5/10 and was wondering what that means. Does receiving more rakeback indicate paying a significantly higher amount of rake and therefore represents a larger portion of my net winnings? Does this mean that equivalent winrates (ptbb/100) at 2/4 will always be lower than at 5/10? General discussion of the merits of multitabling 2/4 versus 5/10 for a winning player would be appreciated. Wondersplash
  3. Collusion in 1000+ entrant tournaments with a $10 buy in...profitable baybeee!
  4. Shooting for the 2nd break this week; I'll let you know when i donk off in level 2...
  5. loooooooooooooool. Not a single person mentions the check/fold that ensues when the river comes a 10 or 6.....look how far we've come.
  6. Am I insane for thinking a river fold is +ev? I'm pretty baffled the at the way it was played, but i feel like your almost never turning over the best hand here.
  7. Only hands that you gain value out of by double checking the turn are bluffs with JJ-KK. That said, i don't think a flush draw is big enough in his range to want to lead into him and possibly scare Ak-Aj. Only problem with slowplaying here is that a turn heart will kill your action against hands that would have doubled you up on the flop. I'm torn between c/r'ing flop to like $11 and your line. I think its close and don't think either line is terrible.
  8. I remember when fish could make 6 figures a year playing on that cash cow...
  9. 7 events played, 0 cashes...I get a trophy right?
  10. F poker, getting ready for a LONG day, but oh wait, this is pokerstarsDealt to RollinFish [As Ah]IceCremMnstr said, ":-)"Rekwob: raises 200 to 300jboy119: folds Dolko: folds bigal371 said, "haha u had me"IceCremMnstr: calls 300bigbadgurj: folds RollinFish: raises 850 to 1150IceCremMnstr said, ":-)"PULAS: folds bigal371: folds FIREWORKKING: folds Rekwob: calls 850IceCremMnstr: folds *** FLOP *** [Th 4s 3c]Rekwob: bets 1400RollinFish: raises 7175 to 8575 and is all-inRekwob: calls 7175*** TURN *** [Th 4s 3c] [Jd]*** RIVER *** [Th 4s 3c Jd] [Jh]*** SHOW DOWN ***Rekwob: shows [4c 4h] (a full house
  11. Lol, guess I 'chip dumped' all in on a draw heavy board with top pair only to run into a better top pair. GL kevlar
  12. Since everyone is on the rail to support me, i guess i'll let you know im there too... .SN RollinFish. GL KEVLAR!
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