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  1. I just had my first year of online anniversary... While I could have a much longer post than the original guy considering I used about 10 sites and occasionally multitabled and went for higher limits, here's an attempt at a more concise summary:Stage 1:April - June 2005 I'd cal it a learning phase, mostly on Poker Room. When I saw how much fun I could have with such a selection of games, I found most interested by NL 5 person ring games or SNGs. The action was fast. I also learned I should get a deeper understanding than playing by feel, and read some poker books and mags, particularly Super
  2. When this started happening last week, I had same problem -- I was enrolled in a SNG, but couldnt play. Customer service gave me the buyin back within the promised 24hrs.Today the web client has all money tournaments not even showing -- so this must be a bigger problem and hopefully it gets fixed soon. mobimike
  3. I needed to speed up some action and wanted to show a bluff against a really tight player that was causing me to be late to a dinner party.I've done this before to put someone on tile -- my first all-in never gets called. Until now. And I still won; he hit the flop and I had no draw basically. Then runner runner and I collect the $100. ($52.50 buyin). Pretty sick I admit; but I'm not so sucky as you can see I was the chip leader.PokerStars Game #3279636852: Tournament #16236602, Hold'em No Limit - Match Round I, Level II (15/30) - 2005/12/08 - 21:19:39 (ET)Table '16236602 1' One on One S
  4. I just got back from London - I played the casino in the Millenium Hotel (right by Gloucester Street subway station) -- not sure the casino name but it's run by Grosvenor that has a chain of them.There was no poker room. Just 5 roulette tables, 5 black tables, and a caribbean stud and 3-card poker (played against the house). Also some slot machine-type roulette games, and a bar.I doubled up about 60 pounds at a 6-deck shoe blackjack table and left; thought that was as good as it would get. Nice touch is no tipping is allowed.Membership is free, and there is a 24 hour waiting period. A year a
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