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  1. i think it's popular because people are sick of the 9 to 5. not so much the nine to five but the philosophy behind it, which is, inevitably, working for the man. poker allows you to create your own success, and lose it....i don't think it's a coincidence that poker became popular after tiger woods came onto the scene, as odd and stretching as that sounds
  2. hey turd. good shit.i like the way you think. gimme 200 grand
  3. good work dude.that will never happen again in your life
  4. There's a big difference between being able to win at higher levels and lower levels, and it is not bankroll.First of all, the real big mistakes stop happening or disappear altogether. You have to try to keep these to a minimum as well. Second, it's about the thought process behind the hand. At a higher level, more thinking and analysis is going on 'behind the scenes' and overall people have a better 'feel' for about where they are at in the hand. The OP has the right idea. ie trying to grasp what is going on in the heads of winning higher limit players that is not going on in his.theredpi
  5. you're really good at poker and stuff, but that was a total name drop... brutal
  6. You're likely not the only one. Though, most people who are faced with the idea of superior intellect become frightened and mock others.wait...... though, most people who....wait... that was a joke right? ironic? using all those big words and that proper, elevated tone? or are you for real....
  7. this post is pretty obviously right on the mark.... and i scrolled down to say as much only to meet all the shit he'd say he'd meet..... not that he's a prophet, only, that poeple are that predictable
  8. sw? i hope. . .. i hope to god... bare naked ladies? they're a joke
  9. alsoit retarded.and by iti mean isand by isi mean i
  10. He's not? How would you know? Is Bill Gates a player? The ultimate player in my book.If your a serious poker player, then what Barry says in that chapter makes a whole lot of sense. If your not, I can see where you just think its funny.Yes what he says does make sense and I'm not a serious poker player because I don't go on the road to play WPT tournaments and such. I have a full time job and play casaully on the internet, home games and go to Vegas occasionally. Don't put me down because I'm not a pro. Do you play the tournment circuit, big shot?Also, what is your definition of a player?
  11. upi ppm;u wpm tjat ,icj? tjat tje ficl os wrpmg wotj upithat is, upi only won that much? what the **** is wrong with upi?just seems to me after that many hours upi would have a lot more, but o', retarded
  12. six months ago? i forgot to cut my toe nails too! thanks for reminding me
  13. wow. religion. this is spooky. and i don't mean that in a bad way, i mean it in an ignorant canadian way. in canada there is no religion. we're all doomed to hell. but we have lots of water sooooo............... :roll: :twisted: :shock:
  14. the bible says a lot of things, a reference is made to something that could be interpreted as gambling but it doesnt say specifically that gambling is condemned, it just depends on how you look at it. the bible says a lot of things, and lots of them are meant to be taken figuratively not literally, it's important to get the broad meaning of the bible, not to look for every line in the bible and pick it apart. i fully believe that if you lived your life in a truthful and honorable manner and did your best to live your life in a proper way in respect to your religion that god or whoever couldn
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