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  1. Just laid $50 on Daniel at 101:1 odds to take the WSOP.a smarter bet might have been 34:1 to make final table. However I have faith.
  2. Hey thanks for bursting my bubble Diablo.This message board is without spell check. If I was reporting I would be using my laptop for spell check and of course I would submit it to an editor to be proof read.Thanks for your concern but I am perfect for the job.
  3. Hello,My name is Matt Greer, currently 21 and living in Toronto and will be on the next plane out to Vegas, if selected of course.I've also sent and e-mail."The applicant should also have a deep theoretical understanding of poker in order to effectively report on these matches."Although I'm young I'm probably amassed the playing hours of most 40year olds. I'm at the casinos 3-4times a week and on the net almost 8 hours a day. I've probably saturated most of the credible poker literature available.Again I’m extremely interested in the position, as well as meeting Daniel and getting back to Vega
  4. also note this.There is nothing wrong with sending out a test bet, if u have top pair no kick. If you get raised u shut down.Check Call , Check Call.if your set all in you need to make a decision. Sometimes in freeroles and small games it might be right to call. TO call an all in u need to have information on the player and recreat the hand.did he raise pre flop? what position is he in? how many hands does he play?see if a guy just calls in mid position and the flop come sayQd-2c-9dand u have a QJ say.He could have suited connectors easy and re raise, especially if he is agressive. J-10s? k-10
  5. so the topic is NL starting hands.Let me just give u all the final and definitive answer to what hands can be played. It's really rather simple.First there are considerations as in all forms of poker.1. what is my position2. who am i playing with, what are their habits3. what are the game conditions etc.Basicly if you observe and know answers to the questions above, you can play any 2 cards from any position. If your going to be playing trouble hands like the ones mentioned in posts above. (QJ,KJ,K10,A10) etc.you had better be ready to fold if the situation presents it self where u might have
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