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  1. it is a major leak I agree, but after over 4 years of online play...I still cant seem to plug it, just wonder if anyone else tried this?
  2. m0stly 5 10 tripple draw, 2 4 pot limit omaha, and 1 2 plo8, I play about 40 sngs a day all heads up from 5 to 100...been avg about 340 a day profit over last week, cashing every day.
  3. And only leaving initial bank roll on the site? I am attempting it this week on UB and was wondering if anyone else does this, I dont want to move up limits and have a terrible habit of not cashing out and tilting off 1000s last week was 3k coulda come home but didnt (DOH). Anyone try similiar situation?
  4. He did roll the fold as you can do so at UB, he had a straight draw that missed...rofl and yes was bragging but also his play at river was so amazing had to show all!
  5. Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 24/Jun/05 20:44:29 Datdurtyboy1 is at seat 0 with $514.50. Benderqueen is at seat 1 with $691. wsolimon is at seat 3 with $51. B1GTYMER is at seat 5 with $212. Perg is at seat 7 with $188. The button is at seat 1. The kill game is not active. wsolimon posts the small blind of $2. B1GTYMER posts the big blind of $4. Datdurtyboy1: -- -- -- -- ME: Ac 4s 4d 3c wsolimon: -- -- -- -- B1GTYMER: -- -- -- -- Perg: -- -- -- --Pre-flop: Perg calls. Datdurtyboy1 raises to $8. ME Calls. wsolimo
  6. Yes no question I was playing faster more aggressive less controlled poker, thing is I only had 1k on each site for my BR as they are not my main sties was just testing
  7. Hey guys,This last week I ran up 2200 profit on Party and 1900 profit on UB and didnt cash any of it, well I hit a real skid and lost all that profit and about 2k of my bankroll...the question im posing is there a way to manage money better then this? I mean I have another business so I dont need my poker money to live at all, but I sure like winning not losing lol...anyone ever try cashing out every night the profit for the day and keep the bankroll intact assumming you dont want to move up?
  8. Personally, I would take the field with 6600 enteries
  9. Welcome to the forum,Obvioulsy like limit the top 10 hands are playable from most positions though id say 10s -7s only in late position for a raise. Personally I play a lot of NL and I am a set peddler in that I try to limp in as many pots as possible with small pairs looking to hit a set and bust a guy. Depending on the limit this may not be profitable but at the 10 20 NL and 5 10 NL on party I know if I hit a set of 3s vs AK that pairs either I am taking down HUGE pot. NL is more a game of feel then a game of showdown like limit is. I would suggest playing any pair and the top 10 hands,
  10. Personally id rather have the bracelet and fame of winning the main even then any of the money. Then again I am rich beotch LOL
  11. Sorry I called with JK vs your QQ but I was on a pair draw..
  12. I tell Chris Ferguson to throw a card at his jugular and take him down
  13. Personally I stay out of it, while the idiots are bickering your thinking about next / last hands and ready to break their lives
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