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  1. I'll lay 140 to 100 USD that this fight doesn't happen by June 30th, 2015. Just quote this post and say booked. This offer will remain open until booked or midnight mountain time this Friday January 15th regardless of information like Arum saying both sides have agreed to terms and contracts are signed.
  2. Oh, but if it does I'll pile money on Mayweather.
  3. I don't remember how or why I got my FCP jersey. I think it was for fcp points or for winning a league or something. The jersey was HUGE(fit me) and the fit and finish was excellent but it just sat on a hanger in my closet and I never wore it besides maybe putting it on during a DN open for a kick. I sold mine for maybe $75 or something to a non-charter member who doesn't post anymore. SouthernBelle or SouthernGinger...something like that. No way it fit her. Oh hey, I have the high end poker chips in the mahogany box from the fcp store available for purchase if anyone wants to
  4. I read the last 3 pages looking to read thoughts about the firing and thinking I was in the Leafs thread. F my literacy. bah
  5. Well don't post it with spoilers and a subtle hint to what it is.
  6. I bitched super hard when tanners random draw gave me Natalie in a different one player pool. Getting both Twinnies in this two player pool is just so absurd that I got to biatch up a storm which may have crossed a line from poking fun to being an annoying child. I guess what I'm trying to say is suck it Tanner!
  7. Congrats Bryan Little. The AVS don't deserve a goalie like Varlamov with such a shit defense.

    Driving Views?

    Have you tried Facebook and Twitter? I don't use either of these social networking sites but I hear they're the best way to get in touch with the masses.
  9. Nah, I don't even look at the stat lines after games. I don't know enough about the metrics used to understand or try and dispute any of the analytics. I watch every single game and pay attention to the play though. I had to stop reading off season articles since every single one of them said the AVS will regress based on the analytics. So far, they are all correct. Varly made a highlight reel last night so that was both fun and frustrating to watch.
  10. AVS win the cup if Varlamov is able to play out of his mind like last nights game vs the Charks. He can't, so they won't. The AVS defense is terrible.
  11. I love how the AVS get to play every team in the league so I get to watch a player like Kessel. Sheesh, dudes a cut above the rest.
  12. Psssss, Serge........he's making an Olympic hockey joke.
  13. hate!!! I don't think it's possible for the AVS to play any worse than they did last night. Hopefully they can redeem themselves and develop some chemistry before Saturday in their home opener.
  14. The teams don't have anything beyond the basic division rivalry as far as I know. It's completely irrational and I can't think of another sports team that I harbor actual hate for other than the Wild. It really makes no sense.
  15. The season opener is as good a place as any to reaffirm my ridiculous but absolute hatred of the Minnesota Wild. HATE! HATE!! HATE!!! I'm super excited to watch tonight's game though. GO AVS!!!!
  16. The hockey writers and people in hockey media have been using the same bullet points since the end of last season saying the Avalanche overachieved and will regress in 2015. Stasney and Parenteau trades were downgrades. Varlamov can't duplicate or improve on his careers best season. Colorado didn't improve the defensive. Signing vets like Iginla and Stuart is a lateral move at best. So, I've stopped reading. I hope the media is wrong! Also, I'm going to get an Iggy jersey.
  17. People advocating for more stringent gun control should include the police.
  18. Smartest man in Canada right there. (I'm interpreting the heaven comment as a turn of phrase instead of an actual heaven/hell belief)
  19. Yeah, Natalie is a pretty big favorite to get voted off on her first tribal council too. Hooray twinnies!
  20. in I'm going to tantrum if I get another twinnie.
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