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  1. This should have been included in the poll. I think what annoys me the most should have been inclded also.What annoys me the most is when playing a nl holdem ring game and someone wins a big pot and leaves. The old "hit n' run". I hate this! Even when I wasn't involved in the pot. In B&M cardrooms this happens much less because if the player wants to keep playing, they have to get a table change which isn't always possible.Anything that happens online that wouldn't happen normally in a B&M cardroom annoys me.
  2. I think this is a great idea.It looks like Pstars and the $10 buy is in the lead.If you are going to set this up on stars w/$10 enrty. I would recommend setting it up in conjunction w/the private multi table tourney there. Multi table heads up tourney's take a while to complete so it would me nice to play them both at the same time.I don't think you will see 64 players, but I like this idea.
  3. Make sure you are winning more than 50% so you can pay for the juice/rake/fee. If you are winning more than half, then it's excellent practice.You need to be totally focused on what your oppenent is doing. I would suggest starting out slow, because of the blind structure, and trying to figure out his/her style of play. If you are lucky enough to be playing a dynamic player this can be next to impossible. If you are even more lucky, you may be playing against someone who overbets their hands and loves to take a coin flips. I wouldn't suggest multi-tabling on heads up tourneys because you
  4. You should ask IndianChris...Or maybe TreBor....I think they both would be interested.
  5. I just recieved this book in the mail yesterday from Half.com. I am looking forward to reading it, but I am in the middle of another great book called Cloud Atlas. I recommend this book highly. FYI...it's not about poker.Anyone have any more suggested books about poker like Positively 5th st, and the one mentioned above?
  6. What is the difference with Firepay and Neteller??? I know that whatever site you go to people are always going to call with censored, but I was basically just tired of everything that has to deal with PP. The beats I was getting recently, the setup, even the look, I just want a change.I've heard average cashouts with firepay take like a week. most neteller cashes are around 24 hrs.Firepay hasn't taken more than 24hrs for me to cash out. They charge $4.99 to make a deposit. I don't know what Neteller charges.Kapsigo8, I understand not wanting to play at party poker. I will never play the
  7. Ok, I've been reading this thread for way too long. I wouldn't be so quick to overlook just how much reaching power Party Poker has. Keeping people from colluding on a cell phone is very possible and I have no doubt this happened based on my experience about 1 year ago.I was playing a low limit ring game and my wife wanted to play also. We are in the same room on a DSL connection. She joined my table and we started cleaning up the table. After about 10 minutes, maybe less, we hear a knock at the door. I answer it and two men wearing suits come into our house and go directly to our office
  8. I use Firepay. Neteller is accepted at most sites so you may want to set yourself up there. Full Tilt accepts Firepay if you get tired of the Beats on Stars. I moved from PP to Stars 2 years ago and I prefer Stars. Beats happen all the time on Stars also. If people didn't call with ****, nobody would make $$$$$$$$.P.S. IndianChris may be able to tell u of a forum member that would gladly trade PP $ for PStar $. His name is TreBor......wait.....I'm not sure if that guy is still alive, much less, playing online.good luck
  9. Don't mean to sound like a god, but oh well.Go back and read my posts on these matters, and just take them as gospel.Heads up matches is a stupid idea, and worrying about collusion is stupid.Put me down for Stars. A private tourney with an invitation to both forums would be the easist way to "get 'r done" 7-30-05 8:00pm as stated earlier would be fine w/me. I can't see anyone risking their whole account at stars for collusion in a tourney that is set up for bragging rights. If this happens, someone from either side only has to email support with a concern about collusion. Support will run th
  10. BEST THREAD EVER!!I have to say that this is very entertaining. I can't believe I'm sitting at work, hitting the refreash button instead of playing nl on pstars. I don't have to "work" much at work.I haven't been reading the forum for very long. The strategy portion and DN's Journal is the best, but this is juicy.I didn't think I would ever run across a thread in the General Forum funnier than the hottest bald female poker pro thread. What really sucks is that someone had to screw a trusting forum member for $50 to generate this thread. Indiana, If you need the $50 back, I'll chip in $5.
  11. thanks drum, I did a search on fullcontact before I posted this thread. No results found.Always a good idea though.
  12. I was wondering if any of you have a favorite poker song. Im not looking for favorite songs to listen to while playing poker, or while "Poking Her", but songs about poker. My personal favorite is "Loser" written by Jerry Garcia. I'm not a huge G Dead fan and have only heard one performance of this song by the Dead. I really like Cracker's version. the lyrics go like this:If I had a gun for every ace I have drawn,I could arm a town the size of abileneDon’t you push me baby,Cause I’m all alone and you know I’m only in it for the goldAll that I am asking for is ten gold dollarsAnd I could pa
  13. The 100% deposit bonus on full tilt is great if your going to play 2/4 limit or higher. If you are going to play smaller limits, you are going to need to play quite a lot of hands to get your bonus. They allow up to $600 on the initial deposit bonus. That's huge if you plan on playing higher limits.I also liked the idea of the 100% deposit bonus. I transferred $400 from my poker stars account into firepay and then into full tilt. I play the nl cash games micro limits. It's taking forever to get any releases done. I think there are better players at full tilt than at pokerstars, so i pl
  14. I used the wrong term...sry..."big blind" should have been "big bet", the posters here clued in on my error and corrected me. 5/10 = 2006/12 = 240this forum is f'n great!
  15. I double the big blind and multiply by 10. I wouldn't want to sit down for less than that. That's just me. I want to be able to play 4 hands properly and this seems to be enough ammo to do it.
  16. I had the pleasure of meeting Lyle Berman a few months ago. He came into my store and I recognised him. I asked him when they were going to get rid of vince van patten. He just smiled. I'm sure he didn't want to comment. I let him know that vince is the worst part of watching the wpt. I told him that I made the mistake of telling my wife how annoying I find him. She says I ruined watching the wpt for her because now she notices what stupid comments Vince makes. I don't know how much say Mr. Berman has in the contracts and production side of the wpt, but it was so cool to talk to hi
  17. I can't believe PStars started an official team and I wasn't invited. I'm not sure how loyal I will be to PStars now.Figured i would cast my vote for hottest bald female poker player. Erin Ness, and how could it be any different.If you haven't read the thread, it was one of the funniest EVER.
  18. fcp work crew member here.....I sell mattresses for a living. I just wait for people to come into my store and i sell them a good nights sleep. Everyone needs one, so it's not that bad. I also play online poker at fulltiltpoker and pokerstars...just nl at the lower levels. I would play limit but I don't want to have to fold a hand or tell a customer to hold on while i raise this pot.
  19. I hate party poker, but I would play with their free money if I hadn't played there before. I am not eligable now.I wouldn't start at the .50/.1 level unless they require it. 500 raked hands isn't all that many hands online, but with the starting bankroll, it may be tough if you can't play lower limits.sw....Always always draw, especially heads up. Bluff and Bluff somemore because all those good players at party poker will fold.good luck
  20. I much prefer to play live action. I have to drive 2.5 hours to my nearest casino. I do this a couple of times per month. Whats worse than the drive, is the game. I live in Colorado where the maxium bet is $5. There is no increase in bet amount at the turn or river. This is a $2-$5 spread limit game. I don't know if there is any worse structure than this. I still love to play live action. Especially when the compition is so bad that it is hard to lose.
  21. is this forum great or what!!!!!!ty aseem.i should mention that i play the .10/.25 nl holdem 6 player max on poker stars. max =$25, min =$5I see short buys playing a raised pot for $2 and simply not being able to get away from top pair, or even worse, middle/bottom pair. They usually lose there $5 buy in and reload for $5. risk/reward....If you have a monster hand, like quads or better, and get action, wouldn't you want enough chips to get paid off? I'm pretty sure thats why I play poker for money and not on the play money tables. but man aseem, what a great responsethanks
  22. first postI play online nl holdem during the day. I always buy in for the table max. and I do my best to punish the players that buy in for the min. It seems many players buy in for the minimum.I'm not sure what these players are trying to accomplish. I have asked many of these players and I haven't heard one decent reason.Most of these players rebuy several times. P.S. the private Full Contact tourney on Poker Stars is great.
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