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  1. It does include the gunman though. It also includes incidents where the only firearms present were in the hands of law enforcement and nobody would define those firearm incidents as mass shootings. Rampage style shootings are a vary rare occurrence in this country. Just sayin.
  2. That's a completely dishonest statistic. Do you REALLY think there have been 133 mass shootings in 2016? You do realize that would make the USA a war zone, right?
  3. The numbers of private gun ownership for personal defense would absolutely skyrocket if there were an average of 1 mass shooting per day in the USA.
  4. I think I enjoyed this movie much than any other Kaufman movie. I specifically loved the super low volume and almost imperceptible use of the musical score, the hyper real miniature sets working against the stop motion puppets, and also how the movie was shot and lit like a live action film. Pretty freaking great movie.
  5. The answer usually comes down to the old 'protect your hand' advice. If I'm reading this correctly, the cards were face up when tossed towards the dealer. The cards speak for themselves when tabled and the player should win 1/2 the pot if the cards are retrievable. If the cards are not retrievable then the dealer did a poor job and it's too bad Sam, protect your hand.
  6. Searching Kid Poker on Netflix will not result in a match because someone decided KidPoker should be one word with two capitalized letters.
  7. I have the Pens in a pool so go Pens I guess.
  8. EFF Howard and this complete shit apology. I couldn't care less if DN forgives the dude but I certainly don't accept this farcical attempt at contrition. He should be shunned from the poker community for life.
  9. I've been rooting for Cydney this whole time since I have her in another pool and I had written off Joe and Aubry since the very first episode. I don't think I'm drawing dead with Aubry.
  10. Tattoos are like bumper stickers for the body.
  11. I pretty much loved Brooklyn. Every single detail from set design and wardrobe to numerous historical nods of mid-twentieth century Irish immigration was incredibly well executed and thought out.
  12. Is a trans woman a man who identifies as a woman or a woman who identifies as a man?
  13. I thought it was odd you were re-watching this movie and then realized I was thinking of the King of the Sultan Sea which is totally worth a single viewing.
  14. This show is terrible. Last nights episode will be my last.
  15. I'm disappointed that Liz has left the game. She had the potential to be my second favorite female contestant of all time but her time was too short to solidify that highly coveted spot.
  16. non sports: FiveThirtyEight Elections Waking Up with Sam Harris Common Sense with Dan Carlin Orbital Path Tell 'Em Steve Dave I'm meh on the new season of Serial but season 1 is great I assume you're caught up on Dan Carlin's Hardcore History The Joe Rogan Experience can have some excellent guests but his podcasts. you have to pick and choose due to length. Stuff You Should Know is also one that you have to pick and choose based on the subject Monday Morning Podcast by Bill Burr can be pretty funny
  17. Oh heck Tanner, you know I'm not worried about it. I shuffled a lot of money around on Paypal the past couple of months so I couldn't be sure about the pmt. I'm almost over Spencer not getting one single vote, almost.
  18. Eastbound and Down is totally worth binge watching.
  19. soooo, uhhhhh....is Gov ok? I'm not 100% sure but I don't think I got the paypal pmt.
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