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  1. Episode 5 is amazing. I'm sure I'd hate this show if it weren't for the nostalgia effect.
  2. My local NBC affiliate didn't show the 3rd period of last nights game 4. That sucked but I guess Pitt didn't make it a game so I'll live. I let the recording go for awhile and then FF through all commercials when I watch hockey. I usually watch the recaps and between periods analysis during the playoffs but holy shit, I REALLY DGAF about what Carrie Underwood has to say and the Charles Barkley bit was impossible to watch. I'm so happy Nashville was able to take both games at home. I thought it was going to be a 5 game series, at the most, after the first two games.
  3. Getting a raise will not make someone work harder or better for doing the same job they were doing before the raise. Low wage earners getting a small increase of money each month will have a smaller impact on that persons daily life compared to a lump sum once per year. For example, an extra $40 per week pre-tax will not be noticed after the first month or two compared to $2080 in a lump sum every March. Giving someone who's already living well below the poverty line a small increase in pay will not all of a sudden make them better with money or allow them to transition off of s
  4. Which parts of the game do you think the Preds have an edge? Preds defense is better than Pitts and their transition through the neutral zone is exceptional but I think the Pens speed and offensive creativity will overcome Nashville's D. Pens are better in every other aspect of the game, no? GO PREDS!!!!
  5. Do the finals go 5 or 6 games? I think it will go 6 if Nashville can steal game 1. I think the Preds would have to run exceptionally well to actually win the cup.
  6. I wouldn't mind using the Pledge before the under God part was added. A pledge is way more powerful than an anthem.
  7. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum in that I think the anthem should be replaced with the crowd reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at USA sporting events.
  8. Stranger help scale should be adjusted for attractiveness and boob size. just sayin
  9. Does it really matter all that much for the Avs this draft year?
  10. I'll be watching the Nash/St Louie and Pitt/Wash series. I don't think the Pitt/Was matchup is a been there, done that situation since Washington is going to crush Pittsburgh this time. Nashville was very fun to watch against the Blackhawks. I hope Rinne can sustain his play for a few more series.
  11. Lol. My eye test for a teams skill sets has been completely skewed by only watching other teams play the Avs this season. Chicago looked so good. I participate in a random pool where I get one team from each conference. This gives me an excuse to root for specific teams I'd normally be indifferent about. Last year I had the Pens in the east so that was fun. This year I had the CBJ in the east which was not as fun. BUT I have Nashville in the west so it was pretty great to see a sweep.
  12. He was on the ice for a long time in hockey seconds and had trouble getting to his knees. He was on his skates and moving to the bench before the goal was scored but it shouldn't have come to that. What I mean is......Eff the Penguins!
  13. And The play by play and announcer(Miller and Ferraro?) on CNBC during the Preds/Blackhawks game last night were absolutely incredulous for this goal being upheld after the challenge. It was so bad that I questioned if I was seeing the same angles. The Blackhawks bias wasn't too annoying during the game until this point which was nice. The fox announcer from the linked clip was exactly what I was thinking about in real time. This is a good example of the refs doing a great job.
  14. I quoted this post because I didn't want to quote the gore pic of the dudes broken face. The refs should have stopped the play. I'm not going to say the goal that was scored while the bluejackets were shorthanded is the reason the Penguins are going to win this series because Columbus was almost drawing dead after game 1. Still, the refs literally failed to do their job when Werenski went down and should be ashamed of themselves. I think the refs do a pretty great job overall and playoff hockey has to be the most difficult kind of hockey reffing there is.
  15. You're super wrong. This was an incredibly well executed movie inside a movie inside a movie. I need to watch it again.
  16. don't look at the date or description. This is a playoff clinching level celebration! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk3Z2Ltyc6k
  17. boobs, the answer is often just boobs.
  18. I enjoyed this season. Every idol should have a two tribal expiration or something where people are forced to use them and put them back into play.
  19. It's official, worst record in the league. Well done, boys.
  20. Nope, super-duper boring team to watch. It is kind of fun to count the number of times they slash the hands of star players which they decide to collectively target but that's about it.
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