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  1. They didn’t want the suspension to go beyond this series. I think that’s stupid but I’m pretty sure that was the reasoning. Pretty surprising that people think the ref or linesmen saw the crosscheck but didn’t call it in game. No way they swallow the whistle for something so blatant.
  2. of course that's not legal...lol. PK has been dirty as **** this series.
  3. It’s amazing how much better the AVS play at home this season.
  4. I didn't realize you were considered to be in the Vegas home market. This is ridiculous.
  5. All NHL playoff games, including the VGK, have been televised on my cable package. NBC, NBCSC, USA, and CNBC are the channels airing NHL playoff games in the USA.
  6. I think they are less likely to call a penalty during 4 on 4 which is also totally BS. Sliding into a players legs on purpose is super dangerous and should be called every single time,imo.
  7. I’m absolutly watching the game through homer glasses but the refs aren’t calling enough penalties, especially slashing which they stated would be called the same as the regular season, on the Preds. The uncalled tripping at the 2:05ish mark in the video directly lead to a goal. It’s bullshit........unless I’m wrong about this being a trip (I’m not). I hope the Avs get a bunch of makeup calls in games 3 and 4.
  8. The trade war we started last week will have much greater impact on the world. Crippling the world economy will effect every single market. Bombing Syria is nothing more than trying to create a distraction. You don’t have to worry about Russia as they’re in cahoots.
  9. That sounds pretty great except that Walmart is terrible for local economies and totally exploits their workers to the legally allowed limits. How's the quality of produce and packaged meats compared to when you pick it out yourself? Do you tip?
  10. Nashville has the most obnoxious post-score chant in all of sports. The AVS held their own for most of the game and had more than a decent chance to steal one last night.
  11. Avs are going to try the whiteout for game 3. Makes a bit of sense because snow and avalanche but I think it’s a bad play. The team needs all the energy possible which includes a sea of burgundy jerseys. A white out just blends the home fans with the Preds fans.
  12. I have the Jets and the Flyers in a small pool. I'm drawing dead but it gives me an excuse to watch the Jets destroy the Wild in 5 games.
  13. I’m jelly of that collection. No wonder he uses the term timepiece. People seem to notice the Rolex brand. Another watch I forgot in my list is the Tudor Northflag. Check it out.
  14. The grand seiko line is so ****ing awesome because most people will look at one and think it's a nice looking inexpensive quartz watch but watch people will know it's a quality automatic to rival the best swiss manufacturers. The spring drive is legit in the horology world. I'd love to own the snowflake. The linen dial with the blue second hand and the way the indicies pop off the surface is super attractive but I would be worried the power reserve indicator would drive me bananas. I have the SBGR061 with a cream dial, blue second, and date complication on my wish list. It has the olde
  15. -Go to the subreddit at least one minute before the raffle is scheduled to go live. -save this to your clipboard, “one random spot” or however many spots you plan on taking -refresh until you see the new thread -post the copied phrase in the reply box -wait for 2 PM’s; first will show you your assigned number, the second will give you the PayPal address to send funds -send PayPal friends and family only -reply to the second PM with the info it asks for -sweat your spot The most coveted watches will fill in under a minute. The Rolex Milgauss from this morning filled almost instant
  16. I've entered many raffles but have yet to win one. I thought it was odd to see the exact watch in two completely different places on the internet so I figured I'd link you in for the off chance you'd want to buy a spot for $23 on a 1/100 shot. You seem like the kind of guy who likes a neutral EV long odds gamble and wouldn't mind lighting $23 on fire. I'm sure you recognize this isn't your standard to-go fountain drink splurge kind of situation here.
  17. You could get one for $23 this Thursday if you're a lucky ducky. https://imgur.com/a/M4Zsa https://www.reddit.com/r/edc_raffle/comments/7b498p/weekly_meta_november_06_2017/dplb8n3/ It's a very nice watch.
  18. Um, ok. This is unnecessarily confusing. http://www.tsn.ca/nh...denver-1.890881 NHL admits error on offside challenge in Denver
  19. I wasn’t aware of the rules change regarding unlimited offsides coaches challenges. It makes sense but I had no idea.
  20. I’ll take (5) $5 raffle tickets, please.
  21. Hell yes! It's a new year boys. Playoffs bound!
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