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  1. Oh, and make sure you get a post recall shield if you go that direction.
  2. I shot my chrony right in the face on accident and then on purpose. That was an awesome $90 target. So I bought a prochrono digital and did some testing for my .40 loads. I went too light so I have to try a few more before giving up on this type of powder. I'm using E3 which is a shotgun powder that doesn't have published data for handguns. It's super super sweet in my 9mm at 115g plated round nose at 3.4gn. It's easily the softest pistol round I've ever shot outside a .22 and has just enough recoil to practice technique and enough power to knock down steel plates at 25yrds. Shake,
  3. The one thing high people love doing is tasks like getting out of the chair, finding keys, deciding on a jacket, picking a driver, choosing a car, having to go back inside for a 16oz bottle of aqua fina, get back in the car, fiddle with the climate control which is always too warm and then too cool, start scanning the satellite radio stations for something listenable, give up and plug the phone into the stereo, see that the car is already in the parking lot, unplug the phone, get annoyed by the driver who could have parked one spot closer but don't say anything, get more annoyed by all the emp
  4. Both Brad and Rupert are out..... Shipped my entry fee via paypal.
  5. You guys realize that Scram is eating all your food, right?
  6. He's been a pleasure to watch. The trade makes more sense if this is indeed why he was dealt. Actually, drilling Landeskog during training camp should have landed him in Lake Erie for awhile.
  7. I got some boxes in the mail last Friday. Laid it all out on a table I set up in a spare bedroom: It's a flippin puzzle: Progress: My reloading room isn't completed but it's a start: I ran and tested 4 different 9mm loads this weekend: I'm stocked up to crank out about 4k 9mm 115g round nose plinking rounds. I have a .40 quick change tool head/dies/powder measure under that blue cover and components for around 2k 180g flat nose target ammo. I was a dummy and didn't order the powde
  8. I have a strong dislike for the Blues but I like some of their players. I thought Quack was Shake for some reason.
  9. Not sure how I got past the first week so I'll take it as a win. Top: I'm voting for the same person since this started and will continue until he's gone. Bottom: RM because he will hate getting a vote more than anyone else. Do my votes count since I'm off the island?
  10. The refs deserve some criticism for letting Holtby get pounded in the back of the head while on his knees and being held up by Emery and then waving off a player. Never ever stand toe to toe with anyone whose had a decent amount of boxing training. I guess Holtby couldn't just turtle because hockey. Also, Downey is gonna fight every game if he can. Being traded to the Fliers is going to be bad for him.
  11. That's funny. So, Mexico is the best followed by season one.
  12. Mexico was my favorite season followed closely by season 2. I audibly laugh at some point in almost every episode. I'm more likely to say 'that's funny' instead of actually laughing at pretty much anything so this show is super entertaining to me.
  13. The first bracket is a slam dunk. Fooker does nothing around camp and just talks about super nuanced internalized relationship minutia all day and night. Second bracket; Mexico voted for himself for the deprecation and knows he's going to the next round so why not. Seems a bit weird since it's anonymous. Little known fact since he goes off and sleeps by himself on the beach but Misti snores really loudly.
  14. This is a bigger punch to the gut than Varly being arrested. I don't get it.
  15. This is funny. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x16h6vn_edward-norton-movie-trailer-sinister-intruders-snl-10-26-13_people?start=17
  16. So he's ready to settle down and have little Daniels' running around the house? I assume this means he's found someone since people can't really do that by themselves. Did the Life Center set him up with a breeder? That seems like something a well run cult should do with a successful fully integrated member.
  17. I'm with Rose on this one. The women's events are for female players only.
  18. That was worth watching. DN winning stuff and stuff. Dude's making his vision come into reality.
  19. I'm putting this in my queue since this sounds exactly like my kind of book!
  20. I guess it's kind of a good thing that the AVS got to tank in a condensed season to get the #1 draft pick so I didn't have to watch a full season of terrible product. I don't understand how you get a team of hockey players to tank. These guys lose jobs over a bad season. Maybe it just kind of happens in some unspoken manner where everyone becomes selfish trying to get stats and stops playing the game which is a sure fire recipe for loses. I slogged through every game last season and it was painfully obvious the AVS were tanking. It's weird to watch a game and know your favorite team isn't g
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