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  1. He tweeted a pic of his pay check from his last fight with Canello which was some crazy xx million number.
  2. Come on man. This is Floyd Money Mayweather Jr here. There's no doubt he has a few big bets spread out of several properties but there's zero chance he has 10 million in action. I would bet everything I have, liquid and non-liquid assets, that he doesn't have tickets totaling 10 million. Also, the books taking his bets are at properties that he has an ongoing relationship with. He's not going to the stardust just to get a bet down. He's currently the greatest self promoter in the world and this is just another one of his antics. Did you ask the director if they moved the payout
  3. American's turn to ask where we can watch this?
  4. I don't believe it and neither should you.

    Car Talk

    I know a couple of people who like the Hyundai suvs. They may not have a big enough model for your needs but I think they're really safe if you're gonna keep playing smash em up derby with your daily drivers.
  6. I doubt anyone's gonna rewatch all those Kessel chances but every single one was due to Eric flippin Johnson's (whom I love) poor play and of course Kessels hustle.....but mainly EJ's lousy defensive effort. Easily his worst game of the year. On a b2b, well done leafs. Well done indeed.
  7. First goal he whiffed on the puck and it luck boxed its way in. Second goal was clearly goaltender interference. Just saying
  8. Also, agreed on No Mas being really well done but I'm a boxing fan.
  9. When watching Going For Gold I kept thinking to myself that I must be remembering this whole thing wrong. They let Harding make claims and present herself in a way that made me question almost everything I knew about the fiasco. I think they did a decent job of finally getting the known facts out but they waited too long before going that direction. It's worth watching. I assume you felt bad for Harding because of how she was raised.
  10. GWCGWC

    Car Talk

    Honestly, I'm surprised you were able to make it home. That probably doesn't help.
  11. That's the thing, the immunity allowed him to make decisions about his dish that he may not have made if he didn't have immunity. I'm surprised Nick didn't point this out when he was being asked to give himself up. This false drama stuff that shows want to create is nothing more than a distraction.
  12. Pretty sure I'd demand to be let off the plane well before the 5 hour mark. Actually, I'm 100% certain that I'm asking to be let off after 1.5 hours and I'm popping the emergency slide at the 2 hour mark. Sue me.
  13. Mike Holmes would be very upset with at least two things in this picture.
  14. I've heard of none of the winners and only 3 of the losers. Looks like Gus must know how to really go off the right way.
  15. Springbreakers is the worst movie I've seen since The Women In Black. BigD shit on this movie in an intellectual way so I'll knuckle drag it. It's a bad 90 minute movie with 70 minutes of montage that doesn't push the plot or develop the characters in any way. It's a really stupid movie. Dummies could have saved it with boobs though, lots and lots of boobs. Wait, I watched The Trouble With The Curve a couple of weeks ago but only because of Amy Adams. It's terrible in a totally different way.
  16. Deadline ended yesterday per the 24 hour rule. Congrats GOBears
  17. Looks like GoBears wins the big prize with a DQ by Merc and a single spite Monica vote. I did not see that coming.
  18. I liked this season even though Merc won. Here's a twist; Start with one smaller tribe, have 3 players at redemption island, let the winner of RI go back into the game each week, and the loser of RI is removed from the game.
  19. I don't know the law in the U.S. so obviously I have no clue about Canada. I wasn't saying you were specifically breaking the law. I just don't see how watching a stolen pirated feed isn't stealing. And yes, a person can be stealing something even if the law hasn't caught up with technology. It's stealing when you knowingly accept stolen goods. I'm NOT JUDGING YOU because sometimes I steal entertainment and who teh eff am I to judge anyway. The entertainment I occasionally steal is free to me because I don't have to physically pay money for the entertainment but it's not actuall
  20. I don't understand why you don't think this is stealing because you're streaming vs d/ling. oh, well then.
  21. Varlamov making sure he isn't picked for the Olympic team? That was ugly.
  22. This is why you keep your glock....to get water.
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