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  1. I'm surprised FX is willing to shell out the kind of dough it takes to produce these dramas. I know a lot can be done with green screen for palaces and scenery but the actual sets and costuming is certainly above average. This show definitely gets a spot in my rotation. I had the last movie thread open and read the following suited post at the exact time the brother said, "there it is" when doing his thing with the bride. It was a weird moment.
  2. Does anyone know if the players get to claim the charity tax credit for the 111K donation or does that go to Caesar's?
  3. Stars way under valued even if they only sold a controlling interest of 51%. This doesn't make sense.
  4. He was making hands but also getting paid off a fair bit.
  5. Do you all not have ants in Canada......because that's how you get ants.
  6. The Grantland people are assuming Wiener is a show tunes fan? They're probably right.
  7. This thread is total bullshit. I expected at least 30 BigD posts about Fast and Furious 7 and what Paul Walker's death will mean to the future of the franchise. Fargo is not good tv but actually really bad tv because the acting, cinematography, and dialog is all way above average while the story and premise is completely flawed. I'm still going to watch it even though it offends me. I'm really not happy that this is being touted as a good show by people who absolutely know better. What's the connection between the opening scene with the mob boss of few words giving the ord
  8. I think I played 12/24 there with a whole lot of blue dollar chips. Try to avoid the Venetian unless you want to help directly fund an insane billionaire buy political influence to the detriment of all poker players in the USA.
  9. I didn't realize John Juanda was still considered a fearsome poker player.
  10. Are Kia's somehow different in Canada? They are are considered to be a reliably bad car here in the states just as the cheap sticker price would imply. On par with Daewoo in the quality department. I would like to buy a new electric(don't know the right term) car like the Chevy Volt. Two problems though; it's a Chevy and it's not a truck. I love my pickemup truck. Talk about a gas sipper though. That little squatty looking car doesn't use any until you drive over 50 miles since the last full charge.
  11. I want to continue watching the playoffs but I don't really care for any of the teams left. I guess I'll watch the kings/ducks series.
  12. This dude is laughing with me.......right? http://youtu.be/Mj4phDCXCfg
  13. I picked up a Taylor and Co 1873 rifle from my FFL Wednesday. It's chambered in .357/.38, 20" octagon barrel, case hardened, short stroked, and has been slicked up action tuned. It's a Winchester 1873 "the gun that won the west" clone made by Uberti and imported and sold by Taylor. I bought it from THE go to rifle guy for cowboy action shooting. He takes a new rifle and tunes it up to run faster and smoother than anyone can shoot while still being Single Action Shooting Society legal. While a stock gun would be way faster than me, it's cheaper in the long run to buy a race ready r
  14. excellent. I'm convinced there isn't a better option for a bedside gun than a pump action 12 gauge. I'd recommend putting a light on that bad boy. I finally figured out how to shoot my mossberg without bruising the flerp out of my shoulder. Apparently it's really important for the butt of the gun to be in the front shoulder pocket with the elbow down close to the torso instead of out and away from the torso. I didn't know. speaking of being a dummy........
  15. I only watch avalanche games....every single one of em, and I don't think I've ever seen this called. It's possible I'm just forgetting since it would have been in an insignificant moment. Homer goggles says the ice Landeskog shaved into the air went over Kuemper's shoulder and didn't hit him in the face.
  16. I didn't know this. If they don't call it in the regular season then they should NEVER call it in the playoffs.
  17. Roy is fine being unconventional so I don't know why he hasn't instructed the players to skate back and get a stick from the bench when a player losses a stick in the AVS zone. Not really anything beyond a standard response you would expect. Agreed.
  18. It was close. When's the last time you saw a player get called for unsportsmanlike conduct for snowing the goalie in the regular season? Same question but in the playoffs? There were other non calls against the AVS in this game that were potential game changers so I guess it evens out.
  19. I shot a 9mm shield last sunday. It's way too narrow for me to carry and I hate the safety. pew pew AJ, what holster do you use to carry your LCR? Have you ever tried an ankle rig? I'm taking possession of a J frame in a couple of weeks and already have a desante pocket holster even though I think the gun will be too big for pocket carry and a sweet hand tooled leather OWB/IWB holster in oxblood. Also, I already have an apex spring kit ready to be installed.
  20. Is a team allowed to completely fall apart and not do one single thing right while their goalie stands on his head the entire game and win a series? I don't know how that poison keeps from leaking into the next game and beyond.
  21. LaLaLaLaLa You're wrong about that being a great memory.
  22. Who pulls their goalie down 1 with 3 min to go in a playoff game? Who is greatest goalie AND coach to ever live? Patrick Roy! People would argue he's not the best goalie of all time but I stick my fingers in my ears and LaLaLaLa until their mouth stops moving and retort with something along the lines of nuh-uh or you're wrong. It's his first year coaching at the NHL level and it turns out that he's pretty good. The Avs had one 3 game losing streak and I believe only lost back to back twice the entire regular season. Coach Roy should get all the credit for this achiev
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