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  1. I bet the OP knows just how to get it back and I'm guessing it involves dealing with at least one Nigerian.
  2. Moneymaker will and should be inducted for winning one MTT seeing as how it was the tournament with the most impact on the game of poker. It's not even close.
  3. Yeah, that's the only way they could have gotten rid of Christine. I'm a little surprised she had no idea what was happening. Holy crap at the audience giving her the business. A bunch of judgmental prigs. Good read Gov. I don't see how Derrick can lose especially with the "twist" production has added to make sure he stays safe. Paypal? Hollaaaaaa
  4. Geez, that's assuming Caleb, Frankie, and Christine know what's up. Thing is, everyone in the house knows Derrick is the man (except Victoria) and the biggest threat to TID but nobody has tried to make a move. Donny could have flipped the script but Zach was too big of an a-hole for the other HG to get on board. Dummies. I'm disappointed in Christine. She had a shot last week to make her move and now it's probably too late.
  5. Also, they kept re-writing the rules for being supernatural. The most glaring example this season is vampires being able to stay awake during daylight hours without repercussion. Season 2 or 3 had a standoff between Erik and Bill in a Dallas(?) hotel room where they were both trying to stay up the longest after sunrise because they didn't trust each other not to kill the sleeping vampire. They both starting bleeding from their noses and I think they even started to crack like they were going to shatter. I hate that I saw it through to the end.
  6. I have nothing to add other than Bertuzzi is a flucking cnt.
  7. yeah yeah yeah.....this week will out her magnificent game play as she's going to be walking the razors edge.
  8. http://www.livescience.com/47173-ancient-mausoleum-discovered-in-china.html
  9. You know my stance on Derrick. You can also figure out why I'm so high on Christine. Did you see Derrick getting dissed by Zach and Cody just after Devon walked out the door. Both dudes turned their back on Derrick as he was talking to them. This is very telling. You're not going to ask me to lay you odds? Heck yeah, last longer is booked! Derrick will make it to the jury but not much further.
  10. Yeah but Christina is smarter than Derrick and will work with him until she finds she can no longer use him to further her game. That's when he gets the axe.
  11. I have a neighbor two doors down with a couple of little girls who spend all day running around screaming outside. My backyard is an open communal area which means these girls are frequently right outside my open windows yelling, squealing, screaming and doing what little girls do but it's super annoying. Little girls can scream REALLY LOUDLY. A few weeks ago my doorbell rang. I answer and it was the older of the two little girls who was introducing herself to everyone in the neighborhood. It was really weird. She didn't quite know how to do it so I had to kind of coach her throug
  12. I couldn't find this on youtube so no imbedding. Start at minute 4. http://www.mtvu.com/...rise-nyu-class/
  13. Should I read the books? I'm going to give the TV show a watch.
  14. Hank is not BigD or Suited but I'm guessing I know what your trying to say without actually saying something. This show is total shit and will get way way worse very quickly. I'm disappointed HBO chose this book out of all the novels available to them. So many bad decisions had to happen for this show to get a green light which is too bad. People should be fired.
  15. Newey is not a ninja. Ninjas don't call button aipf with KQos.
  16. I have Newey so I hope people keep doubling him up. He's a ninja so I expect him to hang in for awhile.
  17. I'm not spoilering this so I hope it doesn't ruin anyone's enjoyment of the show. Christine wins BB 16.
  18. Did Lethbridge flood? That's a big part of the Calgary boom. edit: I think.
  19. I hate every single one of them. The blue haired girl reminds me of a smurf.
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