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  1. they're fantastic live. i really recommend going to a concert.
  2. any Keane fans in here??? i went to their concert sunday night and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! i Keane!!! doesn't Tom has the most beautiful voice??
  3. what's clashcityrocker talking about with criteria?? teneight has been here for a hella long time and is not annoying, why should he be banned??
  4. i dont think he needs you to advise him what to do.
  5. ban him!! he has it coming to him!!! i'm suprised that he doesnt fall over with that big head of his. hes an attention-craving, egotistical jerk. get him out of here.p.s.- i daniel! anyone who insults him on his own website deserves to be exiled.
  6. WOW!!!! we FINALLY know whats in the hatch now!!!! *does happy dance* what a weird guy, though. :eh:
  7. i love lost!! and i love love love love love love love LOVE love charlie!!! ive loved dom since lord of the rings. anyways, about the show. i wanna know what's up with those numbers!! also the whole hatch thing. but you know that they arent going to tell us whats in it until like, the very last episode because these writers are mean like that. lol. who thinks that the polar bear is real? i'm slightly confused on that. one final question; WHO'S GONNA DIE THIS SEASON?! my money's on kate. i was right about boone last season!!!
  8. everyone here is so hostile. although i thought ^that^ was pretty funny. btw, Breaking Liberty, thats really cool. did u draw that?
  9. geez, retract your claws. and you don't need to completely analyze why a joke is bad or doesn't make sense, we can decide for ourselves. we aren't retarded, as you so thoroughly accuse us of being.
  10. *smirks* i might have to agree. i don't care much for signatures though.
  11. i was wondering the same thing. i've been waiting for the book/dvd shindig.
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