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  1. I think you need Da Bears and Yangsters to lose and you guys win. Or if all win next week it would go to Common Opponents record (which I'm not going to figure out till necessary) since we would all have same division and conference record and no one has heads up on the others. IF we're still tied after common opponents record it would be a round robin tournament. I'm not real sure on the other scenarios. Maybe Sleuthis will confirm once he figures out the Heart Conference
  2. I posted this thread abovehttp://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...t&p=1182003It's in there
  3. Well I've just been reading previous threads and learned that getting in the playoffs doesn't guarantee a spot in next season. I haven't been keeping up but I thought originally a playoff team was given a spot in the next season. My bad
  4. Well Looshle gets in regardless because he's in the playoffs but I get your point. I just think 200 is alright with the buy in being 500. I'd agree with making it 500 but 200 is fine IMO. I mean these teams aren't defaulting on purpose
  5. So this is for the teams with defaults that didn't make the playoffs? And is the 200 put up by the individual team that wants to play season 2?
  6. That sucks. I don't know why but I never pictured it being this complicated in the end. Should have known. Really all the kinks can be worked out with a good week 15. Win or risk going home
  7. Yeah but Oh you call I call has the tie breaker over Drawin Dead with the head to head and Divisional record so it doesn't matter
  8. Thanks Bizzle I just saw this threadhttp://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...p;#entry1182003Now I just need to figure out common opponents or just wait till next week is over
  9. On the first one I wasn't aware that you can't have 2 teams in the same division in the tiebreaker but either way we have the head to head on CSA and if Drawin Dead wins Oh you Call I call has got the head to head on them. Now if this is correct then that leavesDa bears Yangsters Oh You call I callSo my question basically was don't we then eliminate Oh You Call I call with head to head and pair off against Yangsters?P.S. I thought the tiebreakers were head to head, then Division record, then conference. Where does it say common opponents come in?
  10. Well things are definently interesting now in the Spades conference 6th seed. If I've got this right it looks like a four way tie for the last wildcard spotDa Bears 7-7Yangsters 7-7Oh You Call I call 7-7and either Cheap Shot Artists or Drawin' Dead at 7-7 Now I'm not real sure from here and I'll guess we'll have to wait and see butI know we have the head to head against CSA and Oh You Call I call but we've never faced Yangsters.And we (Da Bears) have the same division record and conference record as YangstersWith us playing division rival Beerains and Yangsters playing division rival Checky a
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  14. Good call. I think it was indianachris
  15. I don't think it was but I don't remember exactly who it was
  16. Or you know the NFL gets better ratings than MLB so instead, lets have the teams in the World Series this year strap on some pads and throw the pigskin
  17. May be better for TV but it's not true to the tournament. Youre introducing a new game to a final table of players who made that final table playing other games. Lets just make all final tables NLHE. PLO, O8, Stud, who cares what games they were playing to make the final table we'll just change it at the final table for better tv.
  18. That's what I figured but was confused with the final table being all NLHE
  19. Thanks.I really wish they wouldn't have done that to the final table. At the bare minimum they should have made it all LHE if they wanted holdem so bad.
  20. Is the first level of this really LHE and not NLHE? If it's really limit than that makes the final table of NLHE even more gay
  21. Because they legally don't have to comply. That is the loophole. Using a third party intermediary, that is not subject to US laws, to get your money on and off the gaming sites. Like I said before, the biggest question is if they block this loophole by forcing banks to restrict transfers to these intermediary sites. There's big difference between not accepting accounts from Maryland and not accepting accounts from the entire US.
  22. I think the loophole that people are referring to is that Neteller is not based in the US and is thus not subject to US laws. What I don't know for sure is if this bill also forces banks to prevent transfer of funds to these "middle man" sites. If it doesn't then we should still be able to get around it. Also, from what I've heard, Neteller doesn't only work with poker/gambling sites so preventing transfers to Neteller wouldn't be possible since they don't know for sure the purpose of your transfer to Neteller
  23. Great Job Looshle!! I'm sure youre disappointed at not finishing first but it was a great run and you have more events to go. Way to go man!!
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