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  1. ShaqYao MingAny other 7'+ guy FTW
  2. I can't seem to find a video of the first of Gretzky's 3 fighting majors against Doug Lecuyer. Doug was the golf pro at my local course for the last few years and am interested in seeing the video. Figured if anyone could find it, it would be you guys. Strangely the other 2 are on youtube. Thanks in advance.
  3. Argue with an idiot and they take it down to their level and beat you with experience. Don't bother. Incidentally how are your Av's doing Kevin?
  4. Search Criteria: 164th street, Seattle, WA 43 offenders found 11 non-mappable offenders found4 zooms I don't want to move anymore.
  5. Just because we have the best goalie in the league with the worst offensive attack in the playoffs in front of him doesn't mean we deserve to lose.
  6. No we deserve to be talking about our game 5 win.
  7. Thanks for the update. We'd be lost without you.
  8. Are you serious?! Did you not see the goal?Luongo is a man possessed. Yes, we're playing like **** and it should STILL be 1-0 Nucks. AINEC
  9. AVG O-line weight = 255 = LOL
  10. I love how this thread has turned into "How will Anaheim do in the next round" Maybe we should wait for them to finish off the Nucks first eh?Anyone remember?94 Calgary up 3-1 OTLOTLOTLGG FlamesI BELIEVE!
  11. Nice no call on SelanneRefs GIFTED it to the Ducks despite the fact that we looked horrible in the last 10 minutes. Call me a homer, but that was a BS non call.
  12. Slight FYP I miss Chappeles show.
  13. Is it just me or does every time Naslund scores a goal he takes a stupid penalty within 5 minutes after it. Why did they have Hank on the point during the 5 on 3? Better question why did we have Daniel screening? I know they are just trying new things on the PP but why not try some of the things we did that worked all year instead of trying something new now. Honestly form a homer perspective it seems like we can beat them. We are shutting them down mostly and are playing horrible on the PP. All we have to do is right the PP and I think we take over the series. Easier said then done.
  14. Expect to see this quote pop up next February when the Pat's aren't in the SB
  15. It is about the one Catholic priest who admitted to child molestation and how the church moved him around to avoid criminal charges.It includes interviews with the priest himself, the victims and the victims families.I just got it this week so it probably releases on DVD in a couple weeks. An interesting look if nothing else.Edit: May 8 Release date
  16. I'm ready to kill someone right now. We have glaring needs at CB MLB and Safety and they draft a developmental QB?!!?****************************
  17. ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Houston For the Eagles?!
  19. My bad. It was just so convenient I had to do it.
  20. Saints take Olsen??
  21. Who are we gunna get at 36?
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