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  1. New jersey unveiled tomorrow(?)I'm excited. Vintage colors will be nice I just wish we would get rid of the damn orca. Bring back the flying skate!
  2. So how long do you think were looking at for this draft?I know I'll be checking back like 20 times a day but I know not everyone will be as adamant as myself.What do you all think?
  3. The referee scandal is a bigger story then the continuing story of steroids in baseball? Just curious as to your opinion.
  4. I'm not arguing it's not a big story here.I'm just arguing that it's not as big of a story compared to smaller stories in other sports because of the already dwindled popularity of the league.
  5. OBVIOUSLY....Mariners 1st World Championship!? Drunken Staal Brothers!?On a serious note755 VickIf for no other reason then basketball is third in the sports world to begin with.If you are talking biggest story for the individual sport then there is no doubt it is the biggest but people just don't care about basketball as much as the other big 2.
  6. Goddammit, you ****in' guys. I'm gonna keep this short, okay? You passed your sevens over a month ago. Seth's the only one that's opened the necessary forty accounts for his team leader. When I was a junior broker I did it in 26 days. Okay? You're not sendin' out press packets anymore. None of this Debbie the Time Life operator bullshit. So get on the phones, it's time to get to work. Get off your ***! Move around. Motion creates emotion. I remember one time I had this guy call me up, wanted to pitch me, right? Wanted to sell me stock. So I let him. I got every fuckin rebuttal outta this guy,
  7. What pisses me off more then Ramirez is Vidro.Snelling and Fruto for a guy who is hopefully gunna end up on the bench in the next couple weeks.****ing Bavassi.Edit* Of course Vidro is 3/3 at the moment tonight when I type this.
  8. Overpaying? By the end of the contract maybe but for the next 2-3 years he's a perennial Gold Glove guy and he pretty much guarantees you 200+ hits and 100+ Runs. We have one of the best pens in the AL. We could use a good righty but were doing okay with what we have.O'Flaherty has been our savior on many occasions.Can't argue with a starting pitcher though. Every time Feierabend starts I cringe. Hopefully Ramirez will get in there and do okay because I don't hate our top 4 at the moment.
  9. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/spor...5_ichiro11.htmlIt's about time.
  10. WTF is Hargrove thinking? Also this place needs more M's fan's. We're on fire.
  11. Good Luck. They are still sold out everywhere here so I imagine it's generally the same in TO. Just keep callin around you'll eventually find one.
  12. PhiladelphiaDallasNew YorkWashingtonThings look to stay the same this year.
  13. Will sign up tonight. Sorry busy couple weeks.
  14. Back on tonight in ER's timeslot. Catch it while you can!
  15. Just pointing it out. You know your a sick football fan when you watch Inside Minicamp on NFLN.
  16. You mean division not conference. Trent Green plays/played for the Chiefs. Not the Rams
  17. HUH?September 10 vs. Arizona 7:15 pm WSeptember 16 @ St. Louis 10:00 am LSeptember 23 @ Pittsburgh 10:00 am WSeptember 30 vs. Seattle 1:05 pm WOctober 7 vs. Baltimore 1:15 pm LOctober 14 BYE October 21 @ NY Giants 10:00 am LOctober 28 vs. New Orleans 1:15 pm LNovember 4 @ Atlanta 10:00 am WNovember 12#* @ Seattle 5:30 pm LNovember 18* vs. St. Louis 1:15 pm WNovember 25* @ Arizona 1:05 pm WDecember 2* @ Carolina 10:00 am LDecember 9* vs. Minnesota 1:05 pm WDecember 15* vs. Cincinnati 5:15 pm LDecember 23* vs. Tampa Bay 5:15 pm WDecember 30* @ Cleveland 10:00
  18. Everything we see is for a reason. I wonder what his story is every time we see him.
  19. Huge NFL fan here. Would be very interested if you can drum up enough people.
  20. That would actually suck. Stick to the trilogy. Anyone who has read the 4th book would agree.
  21. I don't know if this is still news or not but it was announced Lost will do 3 more 16 episode seasons. 3 more years of Lost to look forward too.
  22. You might want to just stop watching now if that how you feel.
  23. Thanks for the site. Hopefully I get some luck over there. The problem is from what Doug has told me it was a 1 punch on Gretzky and then a brawl with the other 4 guys on the ice so I dunno how fight worthy it will be considered.
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