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  1. Welcome back FD! Hope you get to keep your spot.Would like to see the league stay together for a couple years at least.
  2. Moss was a 5th round pick last year Having LT Moss and Brady didn't exactly destroy us last year though.Although it probably should have.
  3. Perhaps a little early but Welcome to the league! Prepare to be dominated!
  4. Yea the first 'mission' where we went drinking and I got back on my bike to go home was not fun. I don't think I could have died any quicker. Stupid cops against drunk driving. :)Update: The more I play this the better I like it. Put in a few more hours tonight. This is an INCREDIBLE game. And I've still only just scratched the surface.
  5. So far I'm enjoying it. The driving is taking some getting used to. Can't just speed around everywhere anymore.Gamertag is AYBABTUS for when everyone else gets it. Multiplayer looks goot
  6. Not true.Only because I've played Halo 3, Crackdown, Mass Effect etc before release.
  7. It's 100% legit. Manage a rental chain distribution center. We got it yesterday.I'm thinking x360 for achievements. But I have both at home so we'll see what happens.
  8. I am currently in the possesion of a copy of Mario Kart Wii and GTA 4. I played Mario Kart last night. (Had my nephews over) I think tonight is the night I break into GTA The real question is do I play it on PS3 or X360?
  9. Hawks and Eagles on Thanksgiving. Just booked off Nov 27-28
  10. Atl gets Thanksgiving They don't deserve a primetime game as well.
  11. Predictions on primetime games?I gotta figure Patriots Cowboys Chargers all get the max and Minny probably gets 4.
  12. QFT I can't get into position players in RttSAlsoI'm sick of playing In the Minors! I'm in year 2 in the AAA rotation and I think this is the year!
  13. Am I a huge Nucks homer or should Kesler be on this team?
  14. Leading the AL WestWere unstoppable!! We started 1-0 last year too. Lets hope we end a little better this year.
  15. I finally finished Hard yesterday. Next to You totally kicked my ass. I fluked through it with 3 Stars and 34000 points. On to Expert!
  16. Actually they are 2 points BEHIND us and we have 2 GiH.
  17. So he can watch them with the rest of the Av's? Yea That'll be nice for him.
  18. I own all 3 systems. If PS3 did not have blu ray I would not have bought it. Saying that I have played all of the good exclusives on ps3 and don't think I only use it for BR. Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank FTWIf a multi console game comes out however I always buy it for x360 for achievement points and better online. I enjoy a lot of the x360 exclusives as well. Mass Effect/Gears of War/Halo 3 The Wii is a fun system but it gets used the least. No More Heroes has been really fun but I'm almost done it and I don't think I will be playing another game on wii until Smash Bros comes out. My 2 c
  19. I'm just now noticing your custom title. So Abbey Road is OBVIOUSLY number 1 then.
  20. Out of curiosity what is 1 and 2? Abbey Road is my #1 album. There isn't one song I skip when I play it. How often does that happen?
  21. Family Guy? Never heard of it. Thanks for the tip.
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