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  1. Aight well I'm at 87 I'll keep an eye on everyone else action.
  2. Back Again! Not gunna give up tonight like last night. At work til 7 so may as well be playing straight through! I'll be lookin for the people I know Which is basically just 1 :-)
  3. Well I'm out. Good luck to everyone still in I'll be back later to see how it's goin!
  4. Okay so I got short stacked and started stalling. I'll post where I end up finishing. :-) Thanks holdemgod for checking it out! Sorry it was so insanely boring.
  5. Guarenteed to be at least 171 beating my all time record of 175 (only played once before) Down to 17000 average is 15000 Can't hit a flop.
  6. 20730 at 2nd break Leader: 54103 :shock: Average: 8834
  7. up too 20000 chip leader is 26000Caught a bluff on the river for a 5000 pot.SO far so good
  8. Went o na nice little streak up to 16500
  9. ***** Hand History for Game 2306998630 *****NL Hold'em Trny:13635962 Level:5 Blinds (50/100) - Monday, July 04, 03:24:52 EDT 2005Table $5,000 Freeroll(382375) Table #80 (Real Money)Seat 9 is the buttonTotal number of players : 10 Seat 2: badbeat3331 ( $3470 )Seat 3: FreeRoller07 ( $655 )Seat 4: winkie31 ( $1005 )Seat 5: ben_jamin1 ( $555 )Seat 6: nuggetspaw ( $3685 )Seat 7: michaelc888 ( $1460 )Seat 8: AYBABTUs ( $3025 )Seat 10: Spankmebabe ( $5695 )Seat 1: gotdanutz ( $625 )Seat 9: crzyballplya ( $2610 )Trny:13635962 Level:5Blinds (50/100)** Dealing down cards **Dealt to AYBABTUs [ Jd Ah ]b
  10. BTW I really need to pad my post count up here<------------ horribly low. So expect updates whether I'm the only one reading this or not :-) 3250 at break gotta get chips fast
  11. Tried to steal with AJs got raised protecting I re raised all in and he called :shock: he had K4o Both went unimproved up too 3300.
  12. Not exactly a regular here But I'm at 113. Just doubled up with Kings full.
  13. No they stopped making laptops.
  14. Firts of all long time lurker.Second of all you think he played that perfectly? He called pf with rockets? Should have never seen a flop or at least made you pay to see it. Slowplayed himself into that beat, longshot or not.
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