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  1. money800he's the fish in the 100/200 game as far as I've seen.Tends to make back his losses in NL10-20 though.
  2. he was on full tilt earlier playin 50-100 nlh.
  3. KK!! Argh thought i had him. GL I'll check back later and see how your doin.
  4. I assume your at table 77?
  5. Where is everyone? Table 146 for me Most loose passive table I've ever seen. Some guy keeps open folding in front of me too. It's getting creepy.
  6. Did this really require another topic in the top ****ING 10. you don't even have to search just SCROLL dumbass.
  7. 133.Not gunna bluff off my chips when I get bored tonight.
  8. I don't know why but for some reason I can't stand to listen to Norman Chad. He's just annoying. Anyone?
  9. 1210 et Fills in about 2 minutes. c ya tomorrow night :-)
  10. Good reading. Apparently we will be aloud later this year.
  11. Nice cash both of you. I'm trying to watch but it won't let me!?!
  12. if that number and addy are correct I am definetly in for the 'Making Trebors life shit" plan. Count me in.
  13. I think he meant me. I have more interest in this then most people. And I feel no reason to explain to anyone why I think it would be an extreme injustice to not allow Todd to play again.
  14. Bertuzzi should be banned from the NHL for life. He ended a player's career, and nearly his life. And what does he get for that??? A harsh sentence of 80 hours of community service. And you dont wanna hear this because you know its true. You have nothing to back up that statement. It truley is a shame that a well talented player with a lot of potential had to drop so censored low to the point of nearly ending a life, but he should never be allowed to play in the NHL ever again,I really want to debate this but I get the feeling it would be a waste of my time as neither of us is going to readily
  15. Seriously sending sub .500 teams to the plyoffs in rewarding failure. I like the NBA but that doesn't mean I don't think it's bull that a 40-42 team gets in.
  16. Right now 16 teams advance to the playoffs. it has been this way ever since there was 21 teams in the league. Of the original 6 4 made the playoffs and the league has ALWAYS until recent years advanced 2/3rds of the teams to the playoffs so it is really jus ta return to roots. Helps the bubble teams we have now (calgary edmonton) make playoff money. It is definetly a bullshit way to get extra money for the bubble teams. The day that a sub .500 team makes the playoffs is a sad day indeed.
  17. Didn't miss it while it was gone. If Bertuzzi doesn't get reinstated I will never watch another NHL game. And I don't want to hear from the people who disagree with me. I don't care what you think.
  18. up too 9000 some idiot raised all in to me with k10oI had Bullets. Good times gotta love party free rolls. k10o? Seriously
  19. Down to 2400. Have 6 sitters at my table it's brutal.
  20. 3600 at table 99 Hopefully I don't screw it up to badly tonight.
  21. Table 210. Hopefully it'll be another good night for FCPers
  22. Somehow I can't see Raymer getting into an argument with anyone at a poker table. I'm sure he would handle any flak from Matusow the same way he handled it last year.
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