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  1. Good idea I think it was done before.... LONGGGG before and failed but it might be worth another shot. I could definetly see it working out better now that we have a mature, responsible community of people. (sw)
  2. Chacin has had an excellent year. you gotta remember he's young. Ted Lilly finally got rolling before his injury and the doc was on cy young pace before his injury. In another division they might have had a shot but put the jays up against the Yankees and the BoSox and it just isn't gunna happen. I guess we could all hope for a miracle but if anyone honestly thinks that the Jays have a shot they got another thing coming. Maybe if the divisions get some mixing up. Getting sick of seeing the Braves win their division every year. At least this year it's a little tighter. It's just sad w
  3. Anyone else got gmail drive set up? I have an extra 20 gigs of hardrive just because of it. very nice feature.
  4. You have officially been added to my FCP people with good movie tastes list. It's a relatively short list. Like 2. But I can't remember the other persons SN. Be Proud :clap: :dance: :clap:Edit : As it turns out the other person on the list is Patricnz. *Bored at work*
  5. Bodog has HORRIBLE customer service.'We can't accept Canadian customers at this time" You call this service?
  6. At least you have a boiler room quote sigged. Affleck's entire dialogue in that movie is awsome. It helps that he only has the two 2 minute scenes.
  7. Matusow is sitting all by himself at the next table :-)poor Mikey
  8. j dags just took down a pot with the krablar. I was impressed. Well not really but you know.
  9. Ever? :wink:I remember this one time when some idiot didn't know how to play Omaha and I couldn't resist.... Oh wait.
  10. As long as your not a douchebag leecher you should be fine with bitlord. Man I hate leechers.
  11. The fact that I'm in a different time zone then you doesn't change the fact that all 3 of your posts were made within 30 minutes of eachother.
  12. First Post Thu, Aug 4th, 2005 9:29Second Post Thu, Aug 4th, 2005 9:36 Registration EndsLast Post Thu, Aug 4th, 2005 9:58 Placed 26th out of 300 entires I call Bull shlt I would like to call bullshit but I haven't figured out away around that yet.
  13. Or he could have tryed learning how to play it first? The funny part is your calling US the idiots.
  14. Wow. Maybe you should learn how to play Omaha before you start whining about how the system screwed you. To be fair the other guy was also a donk for calling with bottom 2 pair.
  15. yes you have to use 2 cards from your hand no matter what. :-) Ya freakin Donkey!(sw)
  16. You can't use the updater.exe if you want to save the settings.
  17. Very Nice. I love O8. I'll be watching you to through to the final table. :-)
  18. I did something similiar... Except I just made it a completely black window. Black boxes with a white lining. Black cards with a 4 color deck.It doesn't get any better. If you weren't looking you would think my monitor was off. (With 4 tables up obviously) Can't stand that coffeeish background they have. :evil:
  19. Whomever said that was obviously not a gambler...or a winner at anything.Personally, I think your parents are assholes, but you can't change that. People are going to be the way that they are, no matter what, especially people like your parents. People like your parents will never change their views no matter what. They don't understand the definition of the word ignorance, and it doesn't matter to them (because they are ignorant). If you have enough money to move out, do it. If not, then either grow a pair and go out to the casino yourself when they think you are at work or something, or
  20. Good Job Dweebles. Way to make us look bad. Seriously though you know that window your looking at this on? Go up to that long bar up top. Yea that one Good Job. Now click it. Okay now type this in.www.google.caThere you go buddy. You are very welcome. (in advance) I'm always happy to educate people.
  21. Just be glad you have parents who care. I can't believe all the people that are saying **** the parents. Granted they may be a little over protective but at least they care enough to BE overprotective. Be happy with what you have. 2ndly Just go anyway. :-)
  22. I do the stupid little thing Chan does in Rounders all the time. It's just habitual at this point. I don't see it as a trick though. Just something to keep my hands busy. As for stacks I just build a wall to my left to guard my cards. No Need to get fancy. I'd rather wow someone with my play then my ability to do stupid little chip tricks. :-)
  23. I would have came but the Bodog ****tards don't seem to like us canadians
  24. Sounds like legal trouble. We've all bin there. Ask for them to remove it from your record if it's been long enough. My uncle got in a fist fight when he was 19 and DESTROYED this kids face ended up with assault charges. They STILL will not pardon him like 28 yrs later. But it's worth a shot. If thats the problem of course. The way you say it though it sounds like this.
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