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  1. Finally got to 70 in MW2. I think I'm almost done with it though. Will have to play around with the AK for a bit but can't see putting in too much more time. Never played COD4 and started this one with a KD around .60 for the first 15 hours or so. As of now I'm at .96 and should make it back to 1 before I quit. Might be crappy for some of you out there but for me to get back to 1:1 after my horrible start I am extremely happy with that.

  2. Go into DG big this year but will not be going back out until the Spring at this point. -20 and a foot of snow is not conducive to DG. At the peak of this year I was going almost daily and my lowest score was +3. I've been throwing a beat up old Valkyrie on drives but it has gotten to the point that it is so destroyed and taco'd I can't even begin to predict it's flightpath. Will be looking for a new driver and possibly a different mid range when it starts to warm up.

  3. I know I'm going to get flamed. Or more likely ignored :club: But the airport level in MW2 really did not sit well with me. I know that you can skip it and it's just a game and blah blah blah. I'm not saying it should not have been included. I just really didn't like it. The slow pace of it. Just everything. Really bothered me. OMO

  4. I've put 40 hours into Dragon Age in 8 days. It's kind of addicting. Got MW2 in on Friday but not sure if I'll even plug it in. I think I'm probably the only gamer in the world who hasn't played or beaten the original Modern Warfare. Although I guess it''s just a shooter. Not like I'm missing out on any huge story element right?

  5. The problem with this is that there is no definitive best armor (in most RPG's at least, and I would assume this one, too). There is more to it than just damage resistance. Some armor may give bonuses to certain attributes, some may have resistance to certain types of attacks and others may just look shiny. Now, if there was some sort of tier system that would be useful.Also, how do you have this game?
    We received it in today up in Canada so not too shocking someone has it down there already. Will be plugging it in sometime tonight. Also trying to find time to play Demons Souls. But with DA:O now here... I just don't see it happening :club:
  6. How many teams play an 8 game road trip this year? Or even a 6? We all get that there is a break between them. It's still 14 away in a row.. What do you want to call it? Back on the ice! Go Nucks!Edit: With a couple quick google searches I now find that a lot of teams have 6-7 game road trips and 1 has an 8 gamer (Chicago) Oopsssss. :club:

  7. Playing Borderlands. It's pretty much as good as I was hoping. It's essentially FPS WoW which has it's upsides and downsides. One thing I do not like is the death system. If(When) you die you respawn at a station and lose a percentage of your money you had. So if you have nothing you lose nothing. Which is fine in the beginning but at this point 10 hours in (and a LONG way to go) I have 55-80 K saved up and lose 5-8K with every death. And death is inevitable. My other big problem which is my fault and not the games is I can't leave quests behind. So even after I've advanced beyond a lot of the quests left in an area I still do them all just to clear everything up. Leaves me sticking around in areas I have no business being in for a little too long but I am way too OCD about it to leave quests behind.

  8. Uncharted 2 as good as advertised?I actually never got the 1st one even though I thought the demo was great, I might get the 2nd.
    Do yourself a favor and get the 1st AND 2nd one. Great games. Finished 2 this morning. Love the end dialogue.

    Scale of 1-10 thing. I have a friend who is deathly afraid of clowns. So got a good laugh out of me.

  9. When you get a chance I'd like to know how Brutal Legend is.
    Just playing it now. Gameplay is fun albeit simple. I am definitely not the target audience on this one but it's so hilarious I can put up with the over the top stuff. Awesome soundtrack as well. It's pretty short which I think was expected. 10-12 hours with a lot of the side stuff done. It's funny I put it in expecting to hate it. I mean.. it's Jack Black with an army of headbangers?! Seriously?But all the little things are making up for the horrible premise. So if you're into the game/world in the first place I think this is going to be a great game.
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