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  1. +1any time you lose that big of an amount in a 'downswing' (relative to buyins) you're going to wonder if something is wrong. Daniel isn't stupid. If he can break even at the big game, or win at the 300/600, I think he's going to go where he's winning. Losing a significant portion of his playing bankroll might mean he lost.... 10%. Maybe that's more than he felt like dumping and figured he would stick to games he knows he can tear up.so in conclusion:1. such a stupid post by the OP2. its DN's damn business, not ours, but...3. he's rich, and loves to bet big on frivilous stuff, but seems
  2. wanna play me heads up with your new strategy?Im gonna put all my money in with the best hand. im an easy payoff!
  3. haha this guy is a lawyer and knows lots of poker professionals.Please go public, sir. I want to make sure you never handle my personal injury cases : (
  4. photoshopped pictures of raymer's head on various large animals please. Can't believe no one's done it yet
  5. i kind of think you can say whatever you want in a video blog to your fans, as far as your opinions go. I kind of also think you're even more acceptable when you make sure they know that you're not a lawyer, its just your personal opinion.So i kind of think daniel is still a good guy, and I also kind of think that I haven't found a single poster here who has reasonable evidence as to why daniel should not be allowed to talk.I Don't think raymer is a ******, yet. I mean, he's no moneymaker. But I do think that it woudl be SMART if he kept his focus on the lawsuit instead of insulting daniel
  6. 100 poker greats. 1 douchebag.(robert varkonyi i'm letting you slide this time, only because you dont mind admitting you suck and that your wife is a better player than you)
  7. it is stupid. The fact that you agree doesn't say much for yourself.
  8. 2000+ witty retorts. talk about honing a useless talent Aim high, and you may land yourself a role as the next "Triumph the insult dog"... for me to poop on./jackass
  9. this is borderline spam. I've got like 10 PMs of people asking me to get them a computer. I might actually inadvertently make money off of these posts.. which is kind of the definition of spam. Mods, lock this post up lol. Seriously though, i'll help any FCPer out. Sometimes it hurts me to sell you a really cheap system, but i'll show you how to find it online and buy it online. Sometimes it might actually help me to sell it, in which case i wont hesitate
  10. Those e1705s are badassed. Yeah that 750 coupon from like, deals2buy.com is usually a really good deal, but that 35% off was awesome.Just send it back and i'll sell you the cheaper one
  11. if you exploit the discounts right now, a pretty bad assed E1505 notebook (15.4" widescreen, probably ultrasharp digital display so you can multi table at high resolutions, 1gb ram) We're talking mobile gaming quality (not top of the line, but close enough to kick some ***)e1505's are awesome. I'm typing on one now. I actually managed to get 50% off of this one.. best promotion i've seen since working there (it was 40% off for one day and i added 10% for employee discount. hardcore)
  12. yeah we're not supposed to comment on that lol. i actually dont know the specifics but that was pretty weird.Man, Dell is currently selling the most hardcore computer alive.. we've got the xps 700 with a 30inch dual link (it uses both DVI outs to draw the single screen for an insane resolution) and core 2 extreme processor with quad-GPU configuration.This thing makes my AMD monstrosity look like a little bitchWe're really investing some serious cash in making these top level systems. The xps 700 has 7 fans, barely audible, that actually end up being more effective than watercooling.I like my
  13. if you're buying something hardcore yeah. otherwise PM me and i'll teach you how to get the absolute cheapest price :)depends on what yer lookin for. Dell has about 5 prices for the exact same computer configuration, so knowledge is power when it comes to them
  14. Daniel Negreanu,I sell computers at Dell I deal exclusively with high-end gaming computers and TVs. I've been an FCP member for about a year now, and if you EVER want a Dell computer for anyone you know, I will seriously twist managements arm and make them give you the maximum discount possibleThis is such a lame thread, but i'm serious! Phil Laak ordered one recently and Todd Brunson has one too... but they're chumps compared to DN. Take some of this 12 million you're going to win from the M.E. and lets get you a 30" dual-link widescreen ultrasharp monitor along with a core 2 extreme p
  15. I love that this is still being talked about.
  16. obnoxious jackass of the day.you're a butthole.
  17. So I think a poster was right in saying that God doesn't give a crap about the money. But you do, and he cares about the sacrifice. It has been my feelings that tithing is almost like taking the money and burning it... you are sacrificing some of something you have earned to show that you are willing to give a little. However, handing it to a church helps a lot more than merely burning it. So the sacrifice is important, but most of us trust our church's to spend the money toward something positive and meaningful. They ask us to give a little every now and then, but not to pad their pocket
  18. haha you're real mad huh. That's hilarious. Lots of people get mad when they feel stupid They convert their insecurity and embarassment into anger because it is a more manageable emotion.Did your parents divorce at an early age?
  19. I love the idea of firing people for one mistake on a job entailing high-stress repetition Poor dealer misses a 6 of spades once in his life and some donkey on the FCP forum wants to fire him.Let's all hold hands and learn how to love
  20. are we creeping you out yet daniel? He's seriously gonna start like, putting extra locks on his door. IF I CANT HAVE HIM NOBODY CAN
  21. I don't post often. I am definitely a lurker. But i'll say one thing about this entire forum and daniel. I read the forum every day. I check for blogs every day. We all know the cards dont always cooperate, but you gotta put your money in when you've got the best of it and try to make the best play every time. As crazy as it sounds, it seems like daniel almost ALWAYS does this. I'm infinitely impressed by his wisdom and knowledge of the game. Even Dan Harrington gives him some pretty insane compliments in his volume 2 endgame strategy book... he mentions daniels perfect play against an
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