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  1. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...part=1&vc=1whoop whoop
  2. Weak leading is dumb here.There are so many draws and peices of the flop that hit to call, you have to be betting at least 3/4 the pot here. Weak leads aren't "always" raised or even raised that much more often than psb's.And super easy call of the push...
  3. That's totally silly.2-3 BB/100 after only 30k hands and you think there's no reason to change anything? I might agree with you if the sample was 200k...
  4. This is such an easy push.Calling stinks since the maniac is going to bet most of the flops that scare us anyways, and his bet will probably put us all in.And you definitely have equity here. Puuuuuuush.
  5. What stakes do you play?If you play lowish stakes with loose players who limp frequently, then you need to turn a lot of the raises into calls and some of the calls into folds.I would still say those stats are too aggro for even higher stakes games where your fold equity is far greater. What kind of hands/situations do your consider to be your most marginal raises/3bets?A lot of my advice is going to depend on what stakes you play though.
  6. I know I've said this before, but I can never believe how lag your stats are compared to your posting style.Out of curiousity, how big is your standard deviation/100? I would think that you go on one huge *** roller coaster ride with that style.
  7. Maybe I've already forgotten after switching to NL, but if i remember correctly when I played a lot of SHLE losing or winning 100BB was pretty much average an aaverage day.
  8. Back from vacation. During it I played about 2k hands of 1/2 and 2/4 NL. Was up a grand or so until I dropped a grand in like 200 hands. I think I made like 50 bucks or something.
  9. vacation from the 4th till the 20th and then i move into my dorm on the 21st, so i'll be happy if i get in oh 20k hands.my real goal though is to not feed my limit HE addiction at all this month. NL is more lucrative and i need more work on it, it's just sh limit is sooooo fun.........i would also like to be able to regularly 16 table by the end of august, but that's probably not gona happen.
  10. Ended up putting in about 30k hands total and made 8.5ish grand (my PT db's are on two diff comps so i can't get exact numbers)About 3.5k was from 5/10 SH limit4.5k from 1/2 SH NLRest from a coupel bonuses.And I started the month with a 5k BR, so making 8.5 g's is like woah for me.
  11. NL adn not having much time for poker/poker forums in general
  12. I fold PF.I would c/r th eflop, especially with the other guy hangin out
  13. Calling is better than pushing here.The 140 more you risk on pushing doesn't fold many more hands that yhou aren't beating anyway. I would just fold as played. I may call with a strong read, but I think pushing here is completly out of the question. A 60/20/3 isn't folding 9x or better here.But bet the flop.
  14. I would bet the turn.I don't want UTG going away if he has A high or a pair or something.I also don't want draws to get freebies.
  15. Ever think that the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe but isn't revealing Himself to us as a test?
  16. Regardless I'm going to get less hands in at random sites than at stars. Also multi-siting will make it harder to start pulling up tables etc. in the first place.Also, multi-siting means less solid reads because of a smaller DB (my stars DB is pretty big).You're probably right that I'm missing some $ though. But I'm lazy and I doubt it's too much.
  17. Why does it make sense to make people fold when they would be calling incorrectly?
  18. I don't think this is right.Knowing the board cards drastically affects the equity of any starting hand in hold 'em, moreso than knowing that you're a 2-1 fav. PF.However, knowing you have an edge and nkowing how your opponent will bet his hand are drastically different, and the latter is clearly more useful in a betting game.Most hands aren't goign to be shown down in the first place.You're picking up so much spare change knowing when your opponents will probably bet, call, or fold. Also, you have a HUGE edge on the big bet streets by knowing your oppoennts hand rather than what the river wi
  19. I've stuck with stars because of their interface, game selection, and my 'comfort' with them in general.I can 10 table stars with ease, but for whatever reason I simply can't do that at any other site, and 10 tabling most bonus/rakeback friendly sites would lead to zero game selection, if there are even 10 tables to begin with.
  20. Yeah, losing 100$ at 1/2 NL is totally out of the question for a godo player.
  21. Opponent's hand.I don't see how this could be close.
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