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  1. 1. out of position 2. little high card strength 3. fair chance I'm dominated 4. speculative hand against unknown number of opponents which I might end up playing for a raise. This hand is not called for its high card strength and even if you are dominated you have a good shot to outdraw numerous hands that your opponents could be holding...You want to see the flop with a hand like this
  2. since chococat did not do to well for ivey i have changed to matusow in hopes that he will take the tourney down....
  3. 44 is the perfect hand for him to have in this situation(from you point of view anyways)
  4. chococat knows that ivey is going to win..it is just a matter of who he is going to beat heads up
  5. Good call..the band is O.A.R. which stands for of a revolution
  6. man....being on the west coast is really screwing up being able to watch live poker on tv..wtf
  7. matusow seems to be on top of his game.....however...chococat still supports ivey..therefore ivey is going to win
  8. daniel is going to take it down thanks to us...
  9. I am in the process of ordering some cards online and i was wondering which of the two my fellow FCP members preferred.
  10. the suspense is killing me...lets get to the final table already.
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