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  1. wwwwhat? i hope it wasn't on my coat.
  2. Just wondering, where did you play??I'm not challenging you or anything (I only played club college), but I was just wondering.haha thats ok, even if it was a challenge i wouldnt mind, that was just kind of a heat of the moment thing i said to get the point across, but i played in the WHL for 3 years, then off to the AHL for 2 years until i busted my already-busted-many-many-times knee again for the last time, and just couldnt keep playing at the level i wanted so i had to quit. still givin 'er in beer leagues and the occasional pick-up tourney.
  3. I disagree with this 100%. Every player in the league trash talks to some degree. Obviously some more than others. I'm sure Kovalchuk said a lot worse things to him than the pointing. He even said the pointing was bad, and I agree, but I would LOVE to know what was said.I played compeitive hoceky my whole life, through college. I used trash talking as a part of my game, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I was good at it and used it to a MAJOR advantage. You say "people who like trash talking are those who like fighting because they like violence", which shows the ignorant sterotypes that
  4. sorry but no, i am not wrong. yes i am canadian, and i would be confident in saying i have played a higher level of hockey than anyone on this board, and trash-talking is 100%, guaranteed, absoloutely a part of hockey, or basically every sport. that reminds me of a movie, i cant remember which one it was, where grown adults were playing football i think, one of them said "this one's goin out to your momma" and the other person said "leave the trash talking at home, buddy". i watched this with a few people over 20 who have played competetive sports, and we couldnt stop laughing. it could ha
  5. quite possibly the biggest jopke i've ever read on this site... and i sift through kowboykoop and jack24bauer24 posts all the time. have you watched hockey? have you been to a hockey game? have you ever played competetive hockey? i'd guess the answer to all these is "No."its trash talk. its making fun of someone else's mistake. its EXACTLY what belongs in the league, and is EXACTLY what hockey is about. what would he get a 10-minute misconduct for, "being mean"? now if he went over to sidney and spit on him or something like that, then sure slap an unsportsmanlike on him, but for pointi
  6. if the respectful way doesnt work, then tell management that you were in the bathroom one time and he asked if you wanted a mustache ride... and he doesnt even have a mustache.
  7. or any forum, anywhere, on the internet.
  8. "where'd you get those clothes from, the toilet store?"
  9. no, you lock it updammit. i saw petoria put that, and instantly thought "jackpot". then i had to be stupid and scroll down. stupid scroll. oh well.You lock it up!
  10. the ONLY way AO will beat crosby for the calder is if he finishes 15 points up on him, minimum. lets get serious here, crosby is the NHL's poster child, and i dont mean that figuratively. i have seen 4 different commercials starring him for 3 different companies, and thats out here in bumfuck, saskatchewan, so i dont even want to know in big cities like Toronto or something. how many has AO been in? crosby is the "future of hockey" for the nhl bigwigs, they have to give him the calder.
  11. good thing he made the olympic team huh...
  12. like the crumbs got into the keyboard or something? that always happens to me, but instead of cookie crumbs, its crack. damn crack.
  13. that is the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life. What do they play in the big game?that is what I thoughtmarbles?i think its pogs.
  14. i thought it was a poker version of "The Champagne Room". my dreams will never be the same.
  15. why, is he good?what'd they both start with?
  16. i know this is a "GO CANADA" thread, but i just cant miss a chance on ripping on mcguire.this guy drives me absoloutely crazy, with his retarded quotes and stupid crap he says in general. a few ones i remember, other than the horrible "HE JUST GOT DION'D" at last year's WJC, are:"You (Insert any NHL team's name) fans get used to seeing that." (This one is always used at the World Juniors for just about any team's prospects. He used it on Jeff Carter and Mike Richards ALL the time.)"He knew the defensemen was on for long shift and tired so he drove around him and to the net."" look at that the
  17. so i said "rectum... damn near killed 'em!"
  18. i read it somewhere but i cant find it now, you WILL be able to play ps2 and ps1 games on it, if you wouldnt be able to i would be shittin bricks too. i think nintendo is making HUGE strides towards trying to be the best. they arent right now, but they have made gigantic leaps and bounds with the revo, and even with the DS and having wifi capabilities. haha and yeah the controller looks too crazy/unreal to pass up, even if i buy it, try it for a week, hate it and just take it back. i have tonssssssss of snes and n64 games too so yeah that would be a huge selling point.basically im just goi
  19. It's not out yet, but go check out the "Kill Zone" graphics. Playstation put out a video last year with gameplay footage from the PS3 for a game called "Kill Zone". I've never seen graphics like they had, and, even after the release of the 360, I've still never seen anything like it. There has been much debate about whether it's real gameplay footage and it's never been settled, but I'm inclined to wait and find out.Metal Gear Solid is exclusively on PS3 I believe and that's hard to pass up. There are more franchises that are exclusively PS3, than for the 360. I'm actually surprised Halo
  20. bullshitAs far as I'm concerned anchorman is at the bottom of the list of all those will ferrell, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughan comedies. Not the worst film I've ever seen, but it's on the borderline between bad and mediocre.Please don't even attempt to put Ben Stiller and Will Ferrel in the same league. It's not even close.Stiller's way, way better.I really hope your joking.You may think Will Ferrell is funnier, which is fine, but Ben Stiller has the better acting performances at this point. For Permanent Midnight alone, Stiller wins. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. He also has the Royal
  21. https://www.pokernetwork.co.uk/games/handhi...mber=1668674252YEAH IT'S LEDERER, FOOLS. GOOD READ. WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR IDIOT HEADS.I don't get it. You just get throttled by this guy whoever he may be and still you have this arrogance. How much money will will it take for you to lose before you just dissapear.yeah i dont think that will ever happen. we're the ones who have "idiot heads", but he is still unbeatable and the best in the world at limit, right?
  22. i have the exact same "fortune" you could call it i guess. i normally beat the B&M every time i go, which is 3 days a week at min, but the only reason i go there so often is because i stopped myself from playing online. i used to play last year quite often, i would have one winning session and then 5 in a row of just insane bad beats and everything else. im not complaining, losing the 2 grand online last year proved to be verrrry +ev for me as i made almost 5x that in the last quarter of the year at the b&m, but i just couldnt figure out why i had such crazy differences between li
  23. post of the year.i could stick my scrotum in my USB port and upload something more coherent.FYPyou managed to get data up there? teach me, all i can get up there is a bottle cap, a retainer, and some old micro-machines.
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