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  1. i'm in. Phaetos there.. but it only gave me $10.Just noticed something when I look at my account status.Play Money : $ 1000.00 Real Money : $ 10.00 (via the promotion code)Promotion : $ 75.00 Pending Promotions/Comps So... $85 total?
  2. Well, the artcle says they are shooting for September. Every ad for it in a magazine says Summer 2005. Wide range of dates there. Of course September is still summer for us here in Louisiana.
  3. clay composite, must be or that abs "clay"
  4. When did that happen? I haven't seen her on TV lately to notice? Any pics?
  5. The new thing is a ceramic clay composite. Very nice feel and sound like clay. And half the price.
  6. Well, I got that sampler set in from NevadaJacks. Immediately discarded all the plasticy ones and fondled the true clay and clay composite ones all night. Actually I am still fondling them while I consider what to write here. NJ has a special right now for $179, you get a 300 pc set of either Desert Sands or NevadaJacks clay composite, leather/wood case, Daniel Negreanu autographed dealer button, cut card, decks, and tourney software. Not bad. 300 pc is actually plenty for what we do, we hardly ever have more than 6 or 7 people playing in a game. I would LOVE to get the Martini or NJ true cla
  7. I heard about this radio program. Does anyone get it in their area? Or know if there is a website, I can't seem to find anything on the 'net about it.
  8. That would explain it I suppose. Vegas casinos, hehe.. we're talking about Louisiana here. Last I heard from the boat people is any chip worth a denomination that leaves a table, better directly to be cashed in or fear for your life behind bars. I have looked at the NevadaJacks stuff and like what I see there. Pokerchipreview gives them high praise and they offer a $20 sample of all their types of chips that I am currently ordering to see what we like. Thanks for the input people.
  9. Steal them off the table? :roll:
  10. Obviously. I paid $48 with shipping on ebay for our current set. We are satisfied with them, but have gotten the bug for casino style chips. The ones we have are a composite "clay"(read as probably injected plastic) with a metal insert that are supposed to be 10.5 or 11gram, but the ones at our local boat feel much heavier. Also the graphics are decent, save for the fact that they are molded into the chip, it is actually stickers of some sort, that are started chipping away. So we want something that won't chip and look like crap after a year of play.
  11. Yeh I looked at pokerchips and almost shat my pants and the prices! I will check out that chips review site though. Any more?
  12. I bought a 500 piece set about a year back and have been satisfied with them. But lately we have been playing at the local casino and have gotten the feel for the true clay chips that casinos use. They are a bit heavier, not as slick, thinner, and maybe slightly larger in diameter. In my research it seems to be real hard to determine exactly what is the best type of chip. Paulson seems to be the #1 choice for everyone, but those things are outrageous in price, almost $1 per chip depending on design. Can anyone recommend somewhere to go find some great chips at a good price? And what to look fo
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