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  1. I am really happy with what Landeskog is doing but it would benefit my longterm plans a lot more if he would wait a year.
  2. If Aaron Rome gets 4 games for his finals hit Keith deserves 10 for that elbow.
  3. I've never placed a bet on this site, but for the stanley cup winner it has a clear playoff description, for the conference champion bet it doesn't.
  4. The devils have longe rodds (16-1) to win the Atlantic Division than they do for the Eastern Conference (12-1). What am I missing?
  5. What is the name of the podcast? I want to check it out.
  6. The yearly Leaf blowout has become one of my favourite traditions.
  7. David Savard is one of the best young D the NHL has. What a player.
  8. My team might be one of the worst 28 man rosters ever assembled in the FCHL. Only some of Strategies teams can compete.
  9. I would be. I've watched every game he has played this season, he hasn't looked hobbled at all. The Canucks were extremely patient (almost to fault) with him, bringing him back slowly and keeping him in the AHL longer than anyone could have expected.
  10. Plus with how many picks I have accumulated I didnt think it was the end of the world to lose Backlund. The only way I see Backlund doing anything in the NHL is with a new team or with a complete overhaul in Calgary.
  11. I think I did overpay but I see Hodgson play every night and he is so solid. I would be shocked if he didn't get to 70 points pretty consistently.
  12. I'm putting together the best two way team in fantasy sports.
  13. I don't love trading Schenn but I need more top level prospects and I am reaching the farm limit.
  14. What are we doing if Mike doesn't show up? I made him a godfather offer for his pick...Also, Dubey and I made a trade!I get: #10 overallHe gets: #29, #30 and Luke Schenn.
  15. For some reason I've done this with Randy f'n Jones.
  16. This seems like a really good price for him, given the contracts that are getting thrown around this summer.
  17. Is that extra 1.3 million really worth it to Jagr after the near 100 million he has made in his career?
  18. I somewhat disagree. When he is healthy Liles can be a scary player. I always feared him when the Canucks and Avs were battling it out for playoff spots and division titles.
  19. Congratulations. The Bruins earned everything they got in this series, Thomas just broke the Canucks will. I am glad most of the fans in GM place showed some respect for Thomas when he did his lap.
  20. Let me tell you those were not Canuck fans last night. I live downtown, away from where the rioting was. I watched the game with 7 friends at my place. When the game ended, a few of the people in my group needed to get to the sky train. To get there they would have to walk through the edge of where the rioting was taking place. We decided to walk down in a pack just to be safer. As soon as we left my apartment there was a dangerous vibe in the air. I won't go into detail, but even away from the "main rioting" there was newspaper boxes being knocked over, scattered groups of people wearing mask
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