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  1. Ah hell I'll play it with ya. RERAISE5823.HU games go all sorts of lengths. You can suck out for an hour sometimes. But generally, the blinds will get huge and it's an all in fest.
  2. That's exactly right Hoosier. I was banking, incorrectly, that he could not call due to the board. Thanks for your imput though, appreciated.
  3. To any whom are interested...Played a few tourneys (I'm a cash game player) in the last few days, gearing up for the Full Tilt 200K on Sunday. Yesterday I had some decent success placing 4th in a 6000 gaurantee (183 entered) and then 21st in the 16K (750ish ppl). I'd like to hear how donkish you all think this play is, but first, a little background to the table.I was 3rd in chips with 58K, first at 90K and second at 64K. Despite losing a three way all in preflop with AA vs KJ and KQ (KJ made a straight flush) and punching me down to 30K I had built back up using position steals and C-bets. Ha
  4. As much as a little prick this kid APPEARS to be, he has shown that he is a contender in any tourney he enters. He also has big gamble in him, one of the traits necessary to be a feared opponent. I'll give him my respect.
  5. Live play, I could fold 20% of the time, and only when the other player is ABC or just a tell machine. Online, the money goes in.
  6. Yes, I remember playing with you quite a bit. Did you change your name or move sites?Also, I jump around in limits a lot. I'll play 1/2NL-25/50NL, depending on how I feel about my game. I tend to sit at 5/10NL for the most part, but I seem to remember you from 2/4. Is that correct?
  7. I'm in it. RERAISE5823. Bought in.Otherwise, TYRING to take a week or two off. TRYING.
  8. RERAISE5823Play 2/4 NL, 3/6NL, 5/10 NL and occasionally 10/20NL. Hey Rumsicle.
  9. 25%, and 58% is my average over 200K hands, 6 handed or less.
  10. This is bothersome to me because 80% of my online roll is on FT. Guess I'll be playing some sit n go's on Party tonight instead.
  11. Dirksen is the real deal. I've played a bunch of sessions with him at 5/10NL and he was very stiff competition. He is smart in that the higher he plays, the more bold and aggressive he becomes.For those who say he's a lottery ticket...put up your money and take his. It's tougher than you think.
  12. Just doubled up after first break. Currently 7th of 164.
  13. Very interesting, thanks for the link.
  14. I'm out in 215thish. my JJ loses to JT....hit my set and he rivers backdoor flush.Sigh, just have to wait for 50K tomorrow.
  15. Really? I'd check the math on that....moron.
  16. I'd imagine that the ability to eliminate tells and switch gears is a large reason why they beat the game in the first place.But my answer to your question is... I dunno....
  17. I'd kick all your asses at ping pong.Even my wife would kick all your asses at ping pong.I'm an f'in ninja at pong, man.That is all.
  18. I call this all in.Give the action, especially with a solid redraw to the winning hand.
  19. Busted in 160-sumthing place. Quiet lion crippled me when we got it in with my set vs his flush draw plus pair and he hit.I then lost all ins with 99 vs A2 and my AJ vs TT. Oh well.
  20. Not like Rich to openly bash someone on FTP. There must be some history there.Regarding JDags, he is probably the most consistent winner on the site. I play the 25/50 there and he's as tough as nails shorthanded or HU.
  21. Red Bull + Vodka + Corona afterwards = huge projectile vomit in an upscale Chicago hotel.
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