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  1. He has his own avatar thingy but not in red. Is this someone anyone knows? I was thinking Dreamclown. Thanks.
    It's not Dreamclown. He won one of the early 200k tourneys, when they awarded avatars as part of the prize. I've played him at 2/4 - 5/10 NLHE. He's pretty much TAG, not tricky in the least.
  2. Yeah, i lost quite a big pot in a cash game by limpin w/ KK,yeah...ya live and you learn
    It's important to know if you are playing full table or shorthand. Shorthand I'd limp AA 1 time in maybe 25. Full table maybe 1 time in 8, but it depends on how much action the table is giving.If you limp reraise with other hands like suited connectors, or even any two cards, you can set up the AA hand if you happen to catch a monster with 67s and show it down. It's all a matter of perception.
  3. 3/6 NL, 1700 stacks. 6 handed. Suits unimportant.Villain is TAG, solid player, doesn't get out of line. I am a bit erratic, stealing pots that I know he will fold.Villain raises UTG to 21, all fold to me. I call with K :icon_suit_club: 9 :icon_suit_club: Flop is K66, check, checkTurn is K, I lead out for 40, he calls. River is 9, giving me the nut full house, and second nut hand.I lead out for 125, expecting a raise as I feel he has a K here often. Sure enough he raises, but only makes it 275. Here I have a dilemna, because a flat call is losing value far to often to be correct, but also because we are playing nearly 300BB, and a reraise is playing for the whole stack.What is your play? Please explain. Results to follow.

  4. I f'n hate the hit n run artists, but I never avoid playing them HU. I give a lot of action, therefore I can always get a game. My best strat vs them is to take thier buy in and then move up a limit and sit. Sure enough, they show up. Repeat and Rinse...

  5. don't forget the protien shakes!
    Make sure it's Whey Protein if you're adding protein to shakes. Also, make sure that wheat is whole wheat without any high fructose corn syrup added.Want a great snack/sandwich? Whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter, sliced strawberries.Peanut Butter = excellent (natural only)Almonds = perfect snackI could go on... :club:
    Whey protein is great for first thing in the AM and after you workout (with simple sugars), but throughout the day and in the PM you should try to get a mix of proteins. Whey digests too quickly on it's own, although if you hadd some fat it will slow down the absorption.Also, you should try to eat protein and carbs, protein and fat, but not fat and carbs in the same meal. Try to get your carbs in the AM and before and after training, and the rest of the time stick with lower carb, fibrous veggies and fat with your protein of choice. This should equate to 5-7 small meals a day. To optimize training around this schedule, try this:AM- cardio on empty stomachmeal 1- Whey shake, appleMeal 2- Protein portion, potato, saladMeal 3- Cassein/Whey/Egg shake with 1 tbspn peanut butter, or handful almonds.Train with weights, or YogaMeal 4- Whey Shake, simple sugars (about 60 grams), NO fat.Meal 5- Protein portion, 1/2 cup rice, asparagus or broccoliMeal 6- Same as meal 3As one poster mentioned, don't jump right into a program like this. Instead, take about 4 weeks, changing one bad habit per day until you have eased into your optimal diet. Don't view it as a diet, but a lifestyle change.Also, take a day every 5-7 days to eat something not on the daily menu. Whatever you want, just don't end up in the ER after eating 72 Krispy Kremes. Have a Bagel or Muffin or Donut with a coffee, have a candy bar, have pizza, whatever. Just make it one enjoyable meal and then back to normal.
  6. I think it's your mistake.Usually, you ask "what do you have left" if you'regonna put a guy all in, assuming that since he just said" I raise to $800", you should already know the amount of those chips.Sucks that it happened, but lesson learned...."How much do you have LEFT?"edit - replying to arkanoid's post above, not the OP
    I understand. And I don't totally disagree. However, I didn't ask what he had left, I asked how much he had total. As it were, 3 people heard me and agreed with me and 3 people didn't agree, so I let it go.
  7. I got a bad dealer story from this weekend. Goes a little sumptin like this;I'm in 1 seat, 2/5 NL at Foxwoods. I have 3300 and villain has unknown amount before hand (integral to story.) Villain is in 9 seat so my view of him is difficult, I have to lean out over the table to see him.I have QKh on the button, 3 limpers so I pop it to 40, one caller.Flop is Qc 10h 6h.Villain leads out for 65, I raise to 200 (I raise a lot of flops with almost any holding, and have been getting a lot of respect...thus, I have a nice stack)Now villain studies and then makes it 800 straight, so now I have a judgement call. This villain has been limping a lot of hands, but won't make a move vs me without an overpair, two pair or set. He would not do this with KJ, AJ, or any one pair except maybe AQ.So I deduce that I'm either 50/50 or I'm 33%, so I ask the dealer for a count of my opponents TOTAL stack. She then counts and replies "1280". She did not say 1280 behind or make mention of the 800 out there. From this judgement I decide it's good for the game if I push all in, for the 1280 bet I'll gamble and show the table I don't need the nuts to play. I do so and he calls with a set of 6's. I'm not upset even when my hand doesn't improve, because I don't mind losing the hand. But as I count out the chips and he puts his out there I notice in addition to the 280 and the 800 I see he also has a $1000 Orange "pumpkin" chip. I ask him if that was in play before the hand, he affirms it was. I ask the dealer why she told me 1280 total and she says "I thought you meant behind".I put up a minor gripe about it, but I paid out the bet and racked my chips remaining. I pulled the other player aside as I left and assured him I was not angle shooting, and that the dealer cost me a grand, and that further, with 1280 behind I'd have layed it down for him and he said he knew that and understood, but that he couldn't allow the action to be negated. I had no problem with him, as the mistake is ultimately mine and the dealers, as nothing could stop me from asking HIM to count out all his chips, as I should have done.BUT, all in all, I believe this is a dealer error first. What do you all think?

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