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  1. Damn that Ivey took my spot in line.Gopher bladder of mine strikes again!
  2. I'd be game for them to track the props for us as well as letting us know who has what for props.
  3. I watched the episode tonight as well and have a question about when they run a hand or part of a hand twice.Can someone explain the payout when they run it twice. If I win both times we run it do I win the wagered amount times two? If I split the two runs do we split the pot so essentially when we run it twice it is a double or nothing kind of set up?Just curious.Thanks.
  4. Prepare to flame....I had 15 extra minutes while I was in prison, in solitary, with my hands tied behind my back and my eyes taped open and read her autobiography. I know I know. In there she made references to her "online tormenter" that rings a bell was that Daniel among others flaming her in blogs and in person as well???
  5. Hey there I too am heading down at the end of July for a few days and wanted to head over to the Rio to check things out. In addition to the obvious non stop poker going on can anyone give me an idea as to what else is up? There is an expo of some sort correct? Booths, displays and guys hawking poker gear that kind of thing is that on all throughout the event? We are loking forward to watching a few of the big names mix it up but are also curious in the away from the table stuff as well. Any heads up prior to our arrival would be cool.Thanks
  6. I think I know the answer to this but I'll ask anyway. No WSOP bracelet for the TOC correct? Not that the $1mm is a bad prize but a bracelet is pretty nice as well.
  7. Thanks for the update. Can you describe the chips in terms of weight and materials or will it have to be a surprise when they are officially launched?
  8. There was an earlier mention of adding FCP poker chips to the store anyone know where that product is at?Further to that can I ask for opinions on poker chips and what are your preferences. Clay, clay with coin or metal inlay, composite, chip weight etc etc? Also best place to purchase chips online.Just a relative newbie trying so set up a decent game at home. I have the table, chairs, cards and a basic clay chip set but I would like to upgrade to a higher quality chip set.Thanks all.
  9. I had quad 7's busted by a straight flush made on a runner runner after all in on the flop on Wednesday. At least it was on a FCP play $ table.Quad 7's not so fuzzy for me.
  10. At the risk of a serious flaming I will post my $.02 (hey I'm Canadian its cold up here). I can sympathize a bit with the low limit suckouts as I and my couple buddies have been runnning into the same thing at our local B & M. We play $3/$6 or $4/$8 and have had this running discussion of at least moving to $1/$2 no limit as we are having a bit of trouble with those that stay in turn/river with low out possibility hands and hitting them. We are thinking that a raise of $3 to $6 or $6 to $12 isn't enough to back someone away from a hand but under no limit you can put enough pressure an
  11. I'm Freakrat....Week 1 Ottawa survivedWeek 2 Philly survivedWeek 3 Detroit survivedWeek 4 T-Bay survivedWeek 5 Toronto survivedWeek 6?????
  12. This has probably been answered a 1,000 times in previous posts but for a lazy guy that doesn't want to dig for it. What about us canucks heading down to Vegas and actually coming home with a profit from the tables?I'm heading down this weekend with a couple of buddies and the goal is to play a ton of cards. If any one of us is lucky and wins a few bucks does Uncle Sam take his cut even though we are tax free up her??Just curious. Thanks
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