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  1. i orriginally started with 50$ at that site and worked upto the ammounti had so i start again but at new siteand i played about 1000 hands
  2. the rounders at prima site are good if u can join at 125$ but i play 5$ ones, 10 playas start, top 2 get seet, how shud i play this
  3. im looking to put 20$ onto a site,im already a member at the prima poker sites, pacific, partypoker, betfredany places give ya good offers etc and accept solo cards
  4. i came 73rd in it last night , cudda got into top 50 but went in with a8 clubs, called with pkt 2s and no ace or 8s came so i went out after 4 hrs work
  5. lol only seen the move once and i noticed that too but cud nvr figure it out
  6. grrrpartypoker 5000$ freeroll, top 50 get paid, 50th = 50$, 1st = $1000i start with 1000 chips and after 4 hours i had steadily got to 40,000 chips70 ppl left, i get dealt A8 Clubs and im on button, everyone b4 me folds so i raise allin, the blinds are at 4000 / 8000 so i had to make a move, i went allin and got called by someone with pkt 2sboard was none helpful and i was out in 69th place, gutted, 4 hrs great play and i lost to pkt 2s
  7. no shitthis site, betfredpokerhas so many 4 of kinds on it, i had 9 in my 1st day, i mean thats amazing, only to lose it to that quad ripoffi asked teh staff y so many 4 of kinds, he sed that it happens everywhereall i got out of the experience at betfred was 10 screenys of 4 of kinds i was involved inso be prepared to get the unexpected at that site
  8. 10/20 NL @ betfredpokeri get Dealt AAflop comes AJJso hit full house, OMG wooturn: a rubbish card that helped no one..all in 2000$ , called, he shows jack 3river coems jackalll my money gone in one handwud u call his allin with that hand?
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