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  1. This is a hand from Poker Stars.. do I not have a flush??I am new to OmahaPokerStars Game #6079544848: Omaha Pot Limit ($0.25/$0.50) - 2006/08/28 - 01:35:39 (ET)Table 'Portia' 9-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: Maniac_BU ($38.75 in chips) Seat 2: andersCleanU ($82.20 in chips) Seat 3: Brinzotti ($48.60 in chips) Seat 4: jakor ($61.40 in chips) Seat 5: asdf__asdf ($141.55 in chips) Seat 8: Moe2005 ($31.50 in chips) Seat 9: DsanLeone ($47.55 in chips) andersCleanU: posts small blind $0.25Brinzotti: posts big blind $0.50*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Moe2005 [7s Jd 4s Jc]jakor: folds asdf__asdf: rai
  2. The pimp anaology just made the whole issue clear to me.... So true.. why ruin a good thing.....
  3. Thanks DN for the party last night..even though I didn't get to play I had lots of fun hitting on this cute "Mardi Gras" girl that was there..I ended up getting trashed very quickly, those FCP drinks where killerMe and some other guys started $5 freezeouts on the side... so much funPlus I got one of these...... no one will call my raises now
  4. I hit the flop 8) I got an inviteSee you on Tuesday.. This is goig to be so much fun... thanks DNKeep the Cristal coming!!
  5. I would have loved to see DN at Niagra taking it down on the $10-$20 NL. I really think Niagra has a nice casino and the city as a whole seems a lot nicer than when I was a kid. There seems to be so much new development.I think DN proved the saying " you have to give action to get action". At the start of the game when he was down, the players started to also loosen up thier game in order to take his chips...... this was the greed factor, they all wanted his stack and for a moment they all forgot they are tight aggresive and not loose agressive playersThose players probably play VERY tight, bu
  6. I think this High Stakes poker was GREAT idea... I wanted to see somehting like this for a while..especially with Doyle, DN, Hellmuth, Magician, etc..Can't wait till this airs!!
  7. This should be a blast.... The Hard Rock is a great place to party too... lots of cougars Thsi PARTY is going to be PIMPIN' I hope I get an invite... ready to party it up... keep the Coronas coming!!
  8. I was at the RIo last year and I thought the atmosphere was pretty SHIT.... lots of rude people, tons of stupid sovenirs, the $4 waters, overcrowdingI didn't stay to watch because it wasn't fun.... If I was a pro I wwouldn't be into itPlus the cash games they had going where VERY unroganized..... like very unhelpful peo0ple running it
  9. I'm the liking the new Negreanu.... all night big game props playing fighting the man DNprops to you!!
  10. I think this tgavin guy needs to get laid or something...blow a load and you'll feel less angry and more relaxed i hate people with hate in thier hearts
  11. My guess is Lori is preg :-) you work fast DN
  12. Congratualtions to the beautiful couple.....remeber to represent on the wedding night!!
  13. The video was funny.... the guy from Fear Factor was hilarious...just think its bad timing with DN getting married today
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