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  1. pokervt.com where i teach you how to get kk vs jj hu at the final table of sunday majors
  2. PokerTracker 3 I use, and no, it isnt.
  3. I don't think that's included in his drawdown. I haven't spoken to daniel post-blog, but last I heard this was still on the to-do list.Regardless, if Daniel decides he doesn't want to create a non-holdem curriculum, I'm sure others will be brought in to fill that void.
  4. Make sure your login is correct - case sensitive etc - and maybe try your original password if you've changed it recently. If all this doesn't fix it, PM me your login name and email and I'll reset it for you.
  5. Not really sure about any of these answers - you're gonna hate me, but the best I can say is "soon" and "a solid amount" When more is known the information will be posted on the pokervt forums (www.pokervt.com/forum).
  6. Win,repost this question here and Nick will reply to it ASAP.
  7. Definitely solid suggestions, and I know the people who have the power to make these things happen have read this thread.
  8. As per Daniel's post, the sunday million series will be entirely rolled out in no longer than a month. I'd agree with you that this would be somewhat unreasonable IF it was the only video of Daniel's being released at one time. We want to keep everyone satisfied and releasing a variety of videos discussing a multitude of topics is how we feel it is best to serve the customer base at large. We do have a substantially larger userbase than what the activity in this forum would necessarily suggest and not everyone is looking for pure tournament content.Edit to add: Also, in regards to the OP,
  9. Ya, I definitely didn't consider folding enough at the time. However, if I had folded, it would have been because of the reasons you said plus the fact that I just didn't feel very confident about the situation. The villain was pretty nutty. Against other villains, or even randoms, folding comes to mind quicker, but against a guy who was making a ton of mistakes I'm just not sure he has AQ beaten here that often. At this point, I think calling was probably the best play, but at a faster speed than what I did. I would be unsurprised to see him open KQ, KJ, Ax, and small pp's here for his 5
  10. I briefly discuss this hand here. You are right in that in that spot, with a hand like AQ, we aren't particularly thrilled about any of our options. Once we take so long, I believe he thinks we aren't that strong, and is less likely to fold to our reraise. You ask if raising becomes better "because it can be perceived that we tanked to feign weakness." This only works against certain opponents and we'd have to KNOW that this would work before we raised for this reason. Against a player like the one I was up against, I really doubt he's on that level. I was unsure what to do as it was an
  11. Speaking only for myself here, I don't really play scientifically enough to tell you exactly when a bdfd swings a decision. If it's a marginal decision, having a bdfd will make me more SLIGHTLY more likely to call/raise, simply because of the extra outs. I'm not really ever making a play with a hand based on the fact that it has a bdfd alone (IE, I have 24hh and the flop is J87 with one heart). If I decide to make what is likely a hopeless bluff on that board, that's all it is, the fact I have a backdoor flush draw is mostly irrelevant when deciding to bluff or not. A BDFD makes me slightl
  12. Right, for simplicity's sake I didn't weigh that. BB calls 3% of the time here (JJ+, AK) and we win 33% of that time, and there's also a time when both BB and opener call and we would win x% of that, etc. As you said it doesn't change the number too much, I don't think it's even more than 100-200 chips or so in equity difference due to the fact it happens so rarely and we still win 33% of the time. A better adjustment we can make to be more precise is to figure out his exact open % in the HJ.
  13. This question is about part 3/20 in the $50fo, 4:40 in. It's a good question, but yeah, I'm shoving QQ,KK,AA here. My other options - minraise, 3x - are just too transparent as strong since I'd most likely be shoving any two cards I decide play here. You can argue that vs weak competition here I could open to less than a shove but really 99% of the time open shipping is what I'd do. I'd be way more likely to fold small pp's like 44, 55 than I would be to not-ship AA/KK. Against AQ+ and 44+ he has 35% equity, and he's getting 1.2:1 on his call. He hasn't put in his 16k yet, the pot is just
  14. actually my schedule is really messed up and I woke up today at 8am, haha. Usually you'd be right though.
  15. We definitely don't want our end-users to be grumbling, heh. No promises, as I can't really say officially anything on this particular issue on behalf of PVT, DN, or anyone (since it's 4am est and I know little more than you do, heh). I can say that I know your concerns will be listened to and we'll do what we can to make you a little less grumbly
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