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  1. I know this, the confusion in the hand let the thought enter my head though
  2. The only limping hands I could give him credit for at this point are 99 and A9. My initial read was that he limped with a weak ace, but then I wasn't sure whether he'd actually shove with a weak ace to isolate.My first instinct on my end was easy call, then I started thinking "i only have $2 invested, is it really an easy call" (maybe a bad way of looking at it). This hand was the longest I took on a decision all night at the table, I'm still kind of confused as to what the right play is.
  3. ReadsMP1 - girl who is a calling station, just looking to have funMP3 - guy who I've seen fold a Jack high flush on the river with no full house possible and only 3 cards to the flush on the board fairly aggressive, seen him raise A10 from second positionEffective stacks $110HandHero is dealt Q 9 2 folds, MP1 Calls, 1 fold, MP3 calls, CO calls, button folds, SB calls, Hero ChecksFlop A Q 9 ($10)Hero Checks, MP1 all in for $27, MP3 all in for $108, CO folds, SB folds, Hero ?
  4. From this stickied thread at 2+2.The Senate used a procedural measure to unanimously accept the port legislation immediately upon passage by the House. So, you will not see a recorded vote by the Senators on this matter. The House has now passed the bill by an overwhelming margin, 405-2.So to my understanding it's been passed now by the house and senate. When the president signs it is when it becomes effective. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. I understand I may not have played it optimally post flop, that's why I posted it. It's to bad that post flop wasn't the meat of the discussion. I don't mean to imply that I always make better decisions post flop, that would be insane, just mean to say typically or on avg I'm better post flop than my opponents, not that difficult at this level.
  6. Of course I see the problems with the first 2 statements, however I said that I feel it maximizes my ev to limp. I tend to make better decisions when I don't feel emotionally tied to the pot, maybe I shouldn't say it maximizes my ev as much as it helps me when more when ahead and lose less when behind. I understand you may think avoiding a situation which is the max ev play is weak or dumb, however we all have holes in our game, so I just adjust accordingly and am addressing my weakness. Adjusting and learning is better than doing something just because someone says so.The action I've chosen t
  7. The purpose of me saying I have an edge is saying that I make better decisions post flop. I'm not limping with this hand in hopes of "outplaying" everyone, I'm only continuing with this hand if I hit. It's not about outplaying them, it's about trying to win the most money. You make good points and I agree with alot you have to say. That could be b/c I don't in anyway find raising a bad play here. I just prefer to limp and it makes it easier for me to play the hand, maybe I'm backwards, but it does.Once again for every example where someone says the flop comes A x y and your opponent holds x,y
  8. I understand I'm certainly in the minority on this, at the same time what 7ish posters have told me otherwise, that's hardly enough evidence to say "it's right".I could very well be wrong in terms of what action produces the most +ev, I'm not denying this. Poker is about more than just math and for whatever reason, this line pf helps me play better. I have a problem of trying to defend a pot to long when I raise pf, psychological problem, this helps eliminate that. Again, doesn't change the math, but it helps me try to make better decisions later. Of course I know you could fold, raise, or cal
  9. First we'll just have to agree to disagree about pf, and that's no big deal.Second, if you're gonna say my line sucks for x,y,z reasons at least throw in an alternative or two.So you guys don't like the re-raise on the flop? What do we do call and c/f turn UI, that is so bad I can't even begin to explain.This was a limped pot so there are tons of hands that could be going on here. Most Kx are raising, of which only 2 beat me. Set of J's or set of 7's, I'm gonna assume most people raise K's and J's so we can discount those.So pretty much does my opponent have K7, KJ, or 77? Does a raise indicat
  10. Exactly, this means there are other things to consider when raising pf, instead of "i probably have the best hand, this is for value, I raise". I'm not implying that a raise is bad here, just that there are other things to consider and somehow people just have it tattooed on their brain that I have AK pf I must raise if I'm first in. Sorry if you got the implication that I think I play perfectly post flop, I don't, not even close. That doesn't mean I can't have an edge though. Certainly this will happen from time to time.Also, raising pf doesn't guarantee people won't flop a set on me, so it r
  11. Not saying they give the best advice, but I certainly will be more inclined to listen to Roy Cooke's advice as compared to some random poster. This is also not carplayer's advice, but someone who successfully played professionally to my understanding. DN and other pros gives advice in cardplayer columns, should I just disregard all that also?Just b/c they aren't the same game doesn't mean they don't share some of the same concepts, come on I didn't expect something like that from you.As for the third statement, fine, do you raise 55 utg or utg+2, you fare to have the best hand more than enough
  12. Taken from cardplayer.com, this article discusses playing AK pre flop. The author is Roy Cooke, it's written about lhe, but certainly applys to nlhe, maybe even more. Here's the link and an excerpt. Link An example is the way most people play A-K offsuit before the flop. The vast majority of players will hit it with a preflop raise, regardless of the situation. It is that sort of automatic thinking that costs lots of otherwise good players big chunks of their edge. As is the case with all other poker decisions, whether one ought to raise preflop with A-K depends on the situation at the time.
  13. lol, I'm just stating and defending my opinion as are you. It's ok to disagree you know.
  14. Yes I can get trapped, but I don't mind building a pot with AA, I do however mind building it with A high OOP.Yes, I believe I have an edge post flop and therefore will be able to lay down my hand when need be, thus not giving my opponents more money.
  15. Sure I will win fewer pots this way, that doesn't mean I won't win as much or more money. Can you quantify this?
  16. Is our equity edge bigger pre flop or post flop? I do sometimes limp AA here also, not all the time though. AA is a made hand and therefore makes it easier to play both pre flop and post flop OOP.About reverse implied odds, the reason I make this play is b/c I feel I have an edge post flop, if I didn't I would certainly get in more money pre flop.Also, I do raise AK in this spot sometimes, limping is just my default.
  17. The quote "Its about winning money not winning pots" comes to mind. My thinking is not what option gives me the best chance to thin the field and thus increase my chances of winning pot, rather I try to figure out how I can make/lose the most/least money in the hand.
  18. Good post.I agree with some of your points and maybe it's just my personal preference, but with this hand OOP, I would rather play a 6 handed unraised pot as compared to a 3 or 4 handed raised pot. It may not be the most +ev play pf, but I think it maximizes my ev on later streets.Also, opponent's pf mistakes are typically very small mistakes and don't have a ton of -ev in comparison to the mistakes they make after the flop. So I'm forgoing a small edge pf in order to get a bigger edge post flop.
  19. Not equating the hands, just his logic "raise for value". If you run those pairs through poker stove I'm sure they have +equity against 9 random hands. I just really dislike when people say "not a discussion" or "do this", but don't explain why.It's just not very helpful, we're here to learn and to discuss. And I also believe that limping maximizes my value in the hand for the reasons I stated earlier.What do you think about the line on the flop?
  20. If you're UTG or UTG+1 do you always raise these hands(9's, 8's, 5's, 4's, etc..)?I'm not saying not to raise AK pf, I do it all the time, in this position though, I feel it is the best way to maximize my ev.The main point of the post was the flop play. I used to play very passively post flop. I've changed it up and have been more aggressive and it has improved my game.My plan on the flop, after I raised, was to fold to a re-raise. If called, push any non scare card turn. Is that line on the flop optimal?
  21. I disagree with the bolded part, can you explain why it's a must raise? I already stated my reasons. I also read an article somewhere on 2+2 about a year ago, looked for it earlier today, but didn't find it. Anyways, it was on raising pf in small stakes nl games, it said if you NEVER raised pf you would only be making a small mistake, if any. If I find it, I'll post it, it would make for good discussion.
  22. Here's the rest the of the hand, I think my line was the best, but it's possible I could be convinced otherwise.Hero ($59.90)MP2 ($87)CO ($33.25)Preflop: Hero is UTG+1 with K , A . UTG calls $0.50, Hero calls $0.50, 1 fold, MP2 calls $0.50, CO calls $0.50, 1 fold, SB completes, BB checks.Flop: ($3) 7 , K , J (6 players)3 checks, Hero bets $3, MP2 raises to $6, CO calls $6, 3 folds, Hero raises to $20, MP2 calls , CO folds Turn: (~$50) 7 Hero pushes ~$36, MP2 folds I think the turn pretty much plays itself so I"m leaving the results in.
  23. Sure, I will try to explain why.The biggest reason I limp is to try to control the pot size. Better put, I just want to keep the pot small OOP without a made hand. Especially in loose games I limp, if people are liberally calling pf raises, I'm OOP and have just started the process in building a big pot.Limp/Re-Raise. I only use this against certain types of opponents. Not to mention alot of people see this move as AA/KK only so it adds a little bit of deception. So many people love to raise a limped pot, either to isolate or just b/c they are aggressive. Limping gives you lots of ways to play
  24. So if one or both opponents call your re-raise you c/f the turn if you whiff?
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