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  1. Yeah, I knew it was him, and yes, I knew it might be a "joke". Neither mattered, it was stupid either way. "Tiger trap". pfft, ****ing please. First, this is a poor example because of who you're speaking to specifically. The smart thing for me to do isn't the same as the smart thing for someone else to do, because I'm dangerous as shit, and not in the internet tough guy way, but in the there are dead people in real life kind of way. But the bigger issue is just the quality of the analogy itself. The mugger is, by all definitions, to nearly all people, the one doing somethi
  2. Well then he shouldn't have broken the law, and instead of worked to get the law changed while not... breaking the law. No it isn't. For many different reasons. Further, the weed laws are changing because people are changing them. Selling weed before it becomes legal does not make you a hero, it makes you an idiot. First: you godwin'd this topic? This? Second: if you need someone to explain how this is any different, you're a god damn fucking retard.
  3. Few things here: You say, "of course X MMA fighter can beat Floyd" as if everyone agrees on that. I've seen a great number of boxing fans cluelessly, stupidly, absurdly claim that someone like Floyd would wreck MMA fighters that would could literally kill him in under a minute. So, that's one reason people talk about it. Correcting and combating stupidity. This flows nicely into the second reason "why it is brought up". Educating people about it, and pointing out the differences is exactly what an MMA organization should be doing. Why the flying fuck wouldn't a business around a co
  4. He took way longer to make that decision than I would have. I believe him when he said he thought Rumbles power was mostly myth. "They all hit hard" etc. I think he was going to go in there and stand up for awhile, maybe even thought he could impose a bit on his feet. That was all dispelled though after he started taking some punches and kicks, solidifying it wasn't a myth when he got flashed down for a sec. After that you could see he was clearly on the nope-train to wrestleville. As usual, fuck the hyper casual fans. If you don't want to see an Olympic wrestler prove your su
  5. Well, watch them then fix your list. Or don't watch them, just trust me, and fix the list.
  6. If you don't have Marlon Brando in "On the Waterfront" and "Streetcar Named Desire" your list is shit and you are to be disregarded in any discussion concerning acting.
  7. Speaking of bones: and going 5 rounds with the one of the greatest pfp fighters in history? The bones thing was a play on Jon "Bones" Jones. Which was obvious but I thought the post was too short and uninteresting. Still didn't seem enough so I added the current sentence. Again. Ok. Satisfied.
  8. Poor reading on my part, I thought you were talking top 5 PFP. But yea, he's not as good as a lot of people give him credit for.
  9. Will Smith, star of The Pelican Brief. A movie famous for the phrase, "let off some steam, Cohegan, now give the people the air".
  10. This is racist somehow. Thanks Obama.
  11. Wat? Otis Redding died a long, long time ago.
  12. I can't tell if this is a joke or not, but if not, you're an idiot and fuck off.
  13. Scram beat me to it but Machida is not top 5.
  14. Flying and spiders. Two instances where I am irrational. The only two, maybe.
  15. VB. 1:02:53 - 1:02:57 ish of this video: Your boy Sam uses a very interesting phrase. VERY. INTERESTING.
  16. I gave Manny 4 rounds in total.
  17. Someone asked me "who won the fight last night", and I answered "the UFC".
  18. Whitney also did the black man's cocaine, crack, and weed and booze. Among other things. STILL not enough to over-sway the massive amount of Wall Street White Collar White Bois Type in terms of stereotypical cocaine users. Not to mention Robert Downey Jr. He, alone, wrecks the curve for celebrities. You CANNOT WIN THIS.
  19. I was embarrassed for Rodriguez or whatever the ethnic guy with all the god nonsense on prefight is named, and boxing as a whole watching that last fight.
  20. Heh. Naw, the Chapelle Rick James skit isn't enough for all that.
  21. You missed his point. Jones' drug of choice, cocaine, and his crime of choice, DWI, are not black stereotypes. They are rich white guy stereotypes. If Jones had been arrested for gun and weed charges while making it rain at the strip club with his posse, your racism would have more ground to stand on in this matter.
  22. Oh. About the Rampage fight. If I were more conspiracy minded and less critically minded, I would claim that fight were rigged. As in, Fabio was paid to take an exciting beating and be put down. But Rampage was too old and out of shape to actually beat him up properly. I'm not conspiracy minded and I do think critically, so I am not claiming this is the case, or likely the case. But there was some weird shit going on in that fight. Some weird shit I say.
  23. Looks like Jones is a possible suspect in a hit and run. He's a pretty devout Christian though, so I highly doubt he would flee a scene after hitting a young pregnant woman in her car. amirite?
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