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  1. I wouldn't begrudge you anything you've said. There are certainly philosophical positions/thought experiments that can be had that would plumb much deeper and subtler points - however, your last sentence I think touches on one of the most important points. Since we were discussing legality, we have to keep in mind the pragmatic, real-world situations we are talking about, and understand the difference between the reality verse the possible. Strange. Mostly I'm just trying to guess at what you could be 72% aligned with Cruz about, such that you could also be decently aligned wit
  2. A woman has the right to end a pregnancy at any time. Keep in mind that ending a pregnancy is not synonymous with terminating a fetus. Birth itself is the ending of a pregnancy. Pre-viability via the termination of the process altogether, post viability by removal of the fetus. At no point should a woman be required to play host with her body.
  3. Wait, is this a joke or did you actually score 73% Bernie 72% Cruz? Because that would be fascinating on multiple levels.
  4. Do you believe the right to control over your body outweighs the right for me to come take one of your kidney's, without your consent, if I need one? Or to surgically attach myself to you and your organs for nine months if I might die otherwise? These are even more compelling, of course, because I am already a fully grown, thinking, adult human being with a personality and complex identity, and in the case of a fetus we're talking about anything from a clump of cells to a parasitic growth pre-viability, and not a human being. But even given the upped stakes of a clearly identifiable human
  5. Nah. When it comes to things I find egregious to my moral sense I have two settings - zero and nuclear.
  6. I'm never good at the final stage of a de-escalation and usually just end with a "right on" or something. But I'm a little burnt out on that phrase, so instead I'll post a picture of a goose.
  7. I accept your withdraw graciously, as I am a kind and magnanimous king. Just do me a favor and try not to be icky about things like this going forward. Or at least less icky.
  8. There rest of what you've said is relatively sane, but to this I say, 1. Who gives a shit what you are for or against on the topic? You will never be pregnant, and we have 50%-ish of the world's population who can decide the issue for themselves. I know that in your religion women are property, shouldn't have any authority, are duty bound to be incubators for the menfolk, and should submit to whatever you feel is best - but no, fuck you and fuck your holy books and fuck your beliefs. Fuck them all one at a time, then wrap them up in a tiny ball and fuck it, get it pregnant, abort the p
  9. Yeah. It was pretty hilarious to see the front-runner of one of the two relevant political parties defending the size of his **** in a nationally televised event. Just hilarious. Not just a wacko, but a disgusting and ignorant piece of shit. Let me tell you something - if I were a father, say, and I had a daughter, let's say she's 14, and she were raped and impregnated at some point, and you were to say to my face that you wish you could force her to carry her rapist's tumor inside of her body, I would punch you right in the ****ing mouth. And, if you somehow were in a pos
  10. I certainly think that the "most - somewhat - least" weight has something to do with it. And that is interesting about the prompt you got. Though if Cruz 98% agreement people get a pop up asking them if they would like to co-sign the latest proposal to introduce the latest Burn Gays at the Stake for America and God bill, then it would be a sign of fairness.
  11. Fuuuuck. It is interesting, however - you aren't the first person I've seen get the same or 1% different on Bernie and Clinton, and I'm not sure how that happens. I was 96% Bernie and 85% Hillary, for example Aside from Hillary tuning her opportunist, pandering political script to sound more like Bernie recently, since he's pulling her left, their stated claims (and certainly their records) are different enough that it is odd to me that someone can score in such a way that they are 99% and 98% respectively.
  12. Took it, get on my lvl: 96% Bernie. You need to up your socialist marxist communist nazi venuzuala dictator nanny state big government godless secular welfare queen PC social justice warrior multiculturalism cuck game.
  13. Stupid and ignorant are different things in a very important way, and asking questions in an earnest attempt to alleviate the latter about a subject is almost always a sign one doesn't suffer the former. Anyway, yeah, size plays a factor. So does culture, and a number of other things. Anyone who tells you that transforming the US to a social democracy in the exact same vein as somewhere else would be possible and, even further, easy, is lying to you or stupid. However, progressively higher taxation, universal health care, publicly funded higher education, and living wages - strong su
  14. During the first 20 seconds of that speech I said if I had any editing skill I would make a gif of that dog and Christie side-by-side. It was so god damn evocative of that meme. Not only is democratic socialism "not that bad", but the countries that do it well are demonstrably and unequivocally the best countries on earth in terms of standard of living, health care, and education.
  15. I have. And of course, *puffs out his chest, sets his jaw, steels his eyes, accentuates his manly, seriously like, model-level, good looks*, I would not only make America great again, but greater than it has ever been, or ever could be otherwise. I decided not to, unfortunately for everyone, because **** people. They are generally stupid animals and I instead will just sit back and watch the world burn. ---- Back to the authoritarians thing, that Altemyer book actually revealed something specific that I had had real trouble with prior to reading it. One thing unmentioned in the art
  16. Hmm, I was going to smugly link to a post I've made long ago about "The Authoritarians" by Robert Altemeyer: http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~altemey/ , telling everyone that they should read the free copy they can find online if they want to understand how modern Republicans can possibly believe the shit their leadership says - and what kind of people the leaders are who rise in this type of system... Only to discover upon search that, somehow, I have apparently *never* discussed it here, despite having mentioned it every place I've ever discussed politics even in passing. I've discussed auth
  17. Hmm. Not sure if you're going for a fallacy or you mean Poe's Law: Without a clear indication of the author's intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism or a parody of extremism. Or, to put it another way: on the internet, stupid people are so stupid that it impossible for someone to pretend to be so stupid that it is clearly more stupid than stupid people could be - so one cannot discern true stupid from troll stupid reliably. You could be talking about an actual fallacy like argument from incredulity: I can't imagine x can
  18. The idea that Trump is "less of a liar" than Hillary is so preposterous that I have to assume you're a troll. Hillary is a liar, but Trump is on a whole different level.
  19. I saw it. Anderson was doing his dodgey/no-hitty stuff mostly in the beginning, and Mike caught him a couple times, stunned him to the ground once, but didn't hurt him badly. Then, I think it was the third round, Mike's mouthpiece came out and he got super preoccupied with it. Herb told him to keep fighting but he kept looking over at it and whatnot, and Silva caught him with a pretty big flying knee as Mike was still fiddling around with the ref for whatever reason, and Mike went down and would have been out except the bell rang right when it happened. Silva thought the fight was over
  20. Condolences to whomever had Jennifer. Truly, truly an idiot. Truly.
  21. That's off to the side more than it seemed live action. Better than I thought.
  22. I don't have a problem with people surviving multiple gun shots, if they are in non-vital areas. But in this case, yeah, I was immediately in wtf mode. Like, they should have shown him turn his head, and had the bullet clearly exit out of the side of the socket. Having it a fucking giant hole that indicates it went directly into his ****ing eye from the front and - what... exploded in an eye shaped blast, or something? Just no.
  23. It's Nate - and Conor is moving up to 170 for the fight. Now this raises the question: if Conor beats Nate, does he go for the Lawler belt or go for RDA again. Either way, I'd watch that fight. It's not about the brains. It's all about the legitimate, down to the bone, absolutely genuine shit being talked. Most of these guys just talk to hype fights. Nate's trash talk is true street, and my god, the stare downs - I'll be surprised if there isn't an exchange. Also, I mean during the fight itself. They'll be carrying on a conversation. Should be funny.
  24. lol, apparently the UFC turned down Khabib offering to fight Conor. I'm not knocking them, makes good business sense. Dangerous as fuck. I bet it will be Cowboy. Meh, oh well, might still be a good fight but I don't like it. Sits poorly in my mouth that instead of RDA we'd get the guy RDA crushed last time he fought.
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