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  1. Pffft I stand by everything I said. The first round showed the speed difference and Nate's inability to keep Conor at distance. Nate was getting lit up. Second round revealed that Conor is no RDA in ability to keep a pace, and no Diaz in ability to take a punch. Heh. I agree, that's a tougher fight than he's had aside from Diaz, and I'd take him at +250. I think Mcgregor has the edge because of that size, but Frankie grinding him out is a distinct possibility. And I think RDA beats Conor handily if Conor doesn't hurt him real early.
  2. Yes, we have context. We have the 30% or something of Trump supporters who say that the slaves shouldn't have been freed. We have the white supremacists organizations who have come out in support for Trump. We have the absolute tidal wave of - and this is only the vocal and unabashed ones we're talking about - explicitly racist support all over social media for Trump. And all of that is just the vocal segment. That isn't even accounting for the, almost certainly, larger group of those who silently, or quietly, or only in certain company, or anonymously are racists - anywhere from a mil
  3. Seems we're going to find out just how far this proto-fascist Trump rally shit can go on. That racist old man sucker elbow to the Wiz Khalifa gentleman's face really raised the bar (especially with the coot saying they "might have to kill him next time"), I knew things were going to flare up pretty quick after that. Arrests and violence already ramping up.
  4. But... but... where will you get your fair and balanced "news" if you aren't watching the "liberal media"?
  5. Yeah, I think it's a must-win that proceeds another number of must-wins.
  6. Hoax paper that got published, if I remember correctly.
  7. Because it costs me nothing. What the fuck do I care if someone prefers to be called, or thinks of themselves, as a he or a she?
  8. No, no it doesn't. Most people know Jenner is a right-wing, Cruz loving moron, politically. Why would her saying right-wing shit "produce interesting feelings" among democrats and people who tell people not to be assholes?
  9. His last debate performance was a disaster.
  10. Yeah. From what I understand there is the base rate salary, then there are the show/win or just show money which can vary greatly, then finally, for some, points on the PPV windfall.
  11. Milquetoast. But hey, if you're center-left, and least you're left of Obama. This makes you indistinguishable from marxist kenyan socialist communist godless homosexual pc SJW multiculturalist white-genociding pinko's to far-right people anyway. lol, you agree with like, everybody on everything. So weird. -- I see now what's happening. You're like pretty strong on "security" over "privacy" and "globalism" over "protectionism" - but strong for "socialism" over "capitalism". So you have some really right-leaning ideas and some really left leaning ideas. Interesting
  12. Nate's height and reach are why I give that small chance of it playing out differently. But I'm looking at Conor being taller than RDA, Benson Henderson, Grey Maynard, and has a 3-4 inch reach advantage over them, Josh Thompson is probably less than an inch taller, and Conor has a 3 inch reach advantage on him too. I think Nate is too slow to manage Conor at a distance. I'd love to be wrong and see a stand up fight that Nate dominates and finishes. Not because I dislike Conor, but because I like being wrong and surprised. Exciting shit. And I'm not disagreeing with you really anywa
  13. Conor eats him up standing, imo. I don't think Diaz has the power to stave off Conor, and is will have trouble with the speed and punching power of Conor. Outside chance of bjj sub from Diaz. He's a tough dude though and nobody can doubt he has good stand-up game, so it's possible it plays out differently. I just think it's unlikely.
  14. It'd be interesting to look at your breakdown page.
  15. Oh, and to be on topic of the thread - Jesus Trump took a beating that last debate.
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