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  1. Aiigh, I set it up. Let the monies flow. Let it flow.
  2. I'll check out bitcoin and if I'm ok with it I'll come take some of the money out of that pond. Coinbase require sms verication?
  3. None of the normal methods of depositing work for me, and I don't use bitcoin. meh
  4. But you pretty much have to deposit with bitcoin?
  5. Anyone play at Ignition?
  6. Three things. 1. He lives in complete luxury - as would anyone who was given millions and millions and millions of dollars by their daddy and didn't somehow blow it all on coke and whores. Being bequeathed a shit-ton of money does not make you "successful". 2. You'll note I was speaking specifically about him being a "good business man". I'll reiterate, there is zero evidence he's made more money than he would have if he just put the money he was given away. Having the same or less than the amount of money you were given as you would have had if you had done nothing with it does not m
  7. As late as early nineties he was claiming he was worth billions, but when his bankers issued a report in hears related to casino matters he was in the red 300 million. He's claimed he has "bounced back" since then, but in nearly every instance that information is presented in hearings the figures concerning the worth of one thing or another is a fraction of what he had previously claimed. We're talking a difference of a 50 million dollar claim of worth that turns out to be 1 million. I am not being hyperbolic when I say it is probable that he would have more wealth had he just put the mone
  8. No it isn't. But, without tax returns (which he won't show, for obvious reasons - he claims to be a billionaire, L O L), there is no way to say for sure. But, from all of the information I've seen, it's more likely than not he'd have more actual wealth had he not "done business the best and greatest than anyone has done business just tremendous because of his tremendous brain". But sure, believe that the one thing that Trump is honest about is how much money he has. Sure.
  9. I didn't phrase that well. I implied that they'd all fall in a bloody coup. I meant, rather, that some of the most vocal and public officials will meet a bloody end via more targeted gorilla activities. And there absolutely are left-leaning types who are both willing and capable of doing so, if that sort of in-your-face fascism continues into normalization.
  10. Oh, he's a billionaire, is he? Because he says he is? Ha. Ha. You need to look into it a bit more, there's a lot of information out there. You'll have to go to an impartial source though, rather than his tweets. Don't know what this means. Yeah, Trump is a narcissistic fascist con-man, and something altogether different, and altogether more dangerous compared past idiots who have been elevated to president - but what edge have I been sent over? The U.S. is jam-packed with god damn idiots. What do I care, when it really comes down to it? I'm content to sit here and watch it
  11. "Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned" - Stephen Miller, White House policy spokesman. "Will not be questioned." Heh. These people are going to come to a bloody end if they keep ramping up the fascism.
  12. No. I literally can't think of a person who fits your first qualifier in the sense of "social justice warriors who actually mind the interests of their mega-rich donors" than Corey Booker. His vote on the meds from Canada thing, which was a blisteringly obvious result of his pharma-whore status, has already sunk him to "progressives".
  13. Yes he is. He'd have more money if he had just let the money his father gave him accrue interest than he does having tried to "do business" with it, even using every corrupt, illegal thing he thinks he can get away with to get an edge while doing so. He's a fucking idiot on every conceivable level. But even idiots can get some shit done if they are full blown narcissists who will do anything to rise to power - because there are going to be a lot of other idiots who will believe their bluster.
  14. Reading this shit is like watching mentally challenged people spit on each other. Most of you are so fucking stupid I recoil in horror. I literally scrunch my face and pull away from the screen.
  15. Not just not quite on the level, but nothing like it at all, and not informative at all. The stakes of making some guy tell me something in the street - where his choices are "lose some money" or "give back that thing", or "give up the drugs" vs physical damage is nothing whatsoever like the choice between, "give up information that will likely lead to the death of my friends and or family, betray my Country, my God and my mission in life, and which will ALSO incriminate me" vs physical damage is not even ****ing close to the same thing. Not even close. Also, the drawbacks and **
  16. Like I said, I could thought experiment scenarios where torture would be the most viable option. Yours is too thin and is wrong, but with some additions it could work. If we were to explicitly stipulate that: 1. There were multiple proofs of a nuclear bomb going to be set off. and 2. There was explicit evidence that a detainee had knowledge of its whereabouts. and 3. There was an hours-long deadline before the attack was set to happen. and 4. The detainee had previously broken reliable and demonstrably true information - and broken quickly - to torture. Then
  17. Upon further consideration: adding buying a subject ice cream and giving him a blowjob to the normal course of an interrogation would almost certainly, and I mean this literally, would almost certainly net better information, in more cases, than adding torture to the normal course of an interrogation. Don't ask me why I considered this further. But I did. You're welcome.
  18. Torture is a poor method of extracting information. Morality, "if we do it they do it", blah blah blah are all irrelevant, given my first statement is true. I'll point out, because I'm sure some idiot will say that torture has worked sometimes, that it being a poor method of extracting information doesn't mean that it "never works", or that I can't easily construct a thought experiment where it would not only be the correct course of action, but the most viable. Anything can work, under specific circumstances with specific people and ignoring the probability of success vs false positives.
  19. One easy way to identify where someone who isn't unabashedly racist is on the racist/not racist spectrum is how often they express rage at "racism cards" and how literally never they are outraged at pervasive racism.
  20. Except for the blisteringly ignorant (that is to say more ignorant that the normal amount of ignorant - where they literally don't know anything about anything at all, and vote without any knowledge about their candidate whatsoever), yes, yes they are. Bullshit. Again, except for the reality that some people are genuinely too stupid to recognize what they "support" or "vote for", yes, yes it is.
  21. Since Dana is talking about going into Russia, some people are looking for Khabib vs Conor possibility because people like to jump the gun and get hyped for shit that probably won't happen. However, it has given me a couple of highlight videos that have made me change my mind. I wouldn't take 60/40 with Khabib as favorite, it's more 50/50 for me now. Looking at a bunch of clips of Khabib striking with his wild abandon, ducking his head the same way every single time as he swings, I have him in real, real trouble on the feet vs Conor. Particularly to uppercuts. Regardless, I'd want to s
  22. I don't know what it is about McGregor that people just lose their senses in regards to how dangerous he is - but, yeah, no. It is nowhere near that simple. Yes, Khabib is a straight monster on the ground, and in getting it to the ground. For this reason alone I would absolutely have him as a favorite. But the whole unequivocal "no" thing is absurd, at this point. Like Ron pointed out, Khabib got stunned badly by MJ. MJ couldn't stun Diaz. He outboxed him until Diaz got in his head, but he never hurt him. McGregor put Diaz on his ass again and again and again. To not see this trans
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