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  1. Hi everyone. I am also new to here. I like maths and poker, which is good because they go hand-and-hand. :) :) :)


    Does anyone have any advise as to what other games might involve maths that I may enjoi? I've thought about blackjack, but I'm afraid to be called a rasist.


    Also, does anyone know how to make close with girls? I am a virgin and there is a girl I met at my local donuts shoppe whom I would like to inseminate her body holes, but I do not know how to make talk with women. What should I say? Do women like maths?


    There is a total eclipse today. Stay safe.

  2. Connor's odds are equivalent to: (odds of Mayweather having a heart attack or stroke on stage)+(odds that the fight is fixed/thrown by Floyd) + (1 in a million chance that Connor actually beats Floyd straight up)


    I'll take a hard under on 1/219



    This is a boxing match between arguably the greatest boxer of all time who has never really come close to losing against a guy who literally isn't even a professional boxer. -550 is an egregious line. There must be money coming in on Connor at +400, which is insane.




    1. Some of Mayweather's toughest moments were against unorthodox, weird style fighters. Also, lefties aren't easy for him.

    2. He's only had 49 fights, many of which he was much younger, and he has been stunned.

    3. McGregor, despite being far, far outclassed as a boxer, has all of the qualities that tick these boxes.

    4. In a combat sport 219 times is a lot of times.


    Sooner or later Mayweather would duck or weave at just the wrong time and take one of McGregor's very powerful and very fast lefts coming from an odd angle, full on, and go to sleep.


    But if you want to bet me 2190 dollars against my 10, I'll make that bet.

  3. I drink

    and drink

    and drink


    not often

    but enough



    and still









    you fucking people








    i drink infrequently these days



    but when i do


    i drink





    still not enough


    to dumb me down





    ..................................................................................... which is the point





    to dumb me down
















    to tolerate

    you god damn people

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  4. I don't watch Survivor and until recently I had no idea Sarah was even a contestant, but we went to school together at Wartburg. Not friends by any means, but I've met her several times through overlapping social circles. Kinda cool.


    Shut the fuck up, GOCUBS. Nobody cares about your trivial, 10,000th-hand brush with fame, you pathetic piece of shit.



    Just kidding.


    Or am I?


    Yeah. I am.


    I mean, it's true nobody gives a shit.


    But I was joking.




    Also, I banged Punky Brewster. And a Playmate. Not at the same time. In my teens. So I win. This is not a joke.

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  5. Also, I wouldn't have lasted 5 seconds on that pole. I actually think it's kind of dumb to have a competition that literally can't be won unless you are a short, wiry guy.


    If by literally you mean not literally.


    Joe Anglim and Tyson Apostle are both around 6'2, Laura Morett is a female.


    Short, wiry dudes probably have an advantage, sure. But Big, powerful dudes have an advantage in comps with lifting stuff, and females have the advantage in comps with "bleed from the vagina" challenges (with the noted exception of Mitchell Olson).


    So it evens out.

  6. Round 2, but this will be the last fight in Roy Nelson's UFC career.

    For the first time, he looks truly old, last fight on his contract, this is it.


    Always a fan of that dude but expect the release to be forthcoming.


    Yeah, he needs to be done.

  7. The top two lines of his tax returns "obtained" are those for the time-frame between season 1 and 2 of The Apprentice, and one of the 3 years of filings required for the process of legalities surrounding his immigrant wife which would have to be very clean?


    Interestingly coincidental (partial) returns with the words "Client Copy" stamped across them those liberal hit-men stole from somewhere.


    Watching the circus animals of this country "think" is tragicomic.

  8. Spade and I disagree on apples, but it's hard to argue with the poker wisdom of a man staked by DN. This reminds me a bit of an iconic martial arts movie, Karate Kid (2010). When Mr. Han was training Dre, he had him do what seemed like menial chores involving hanging jackets. Dre got frustrated and bored, and felt like Mr. Han was taking advantage of him. He bucked up on him the same way you are doing with us. But in the end, Mr. Han knew better than Dre, and trust, respect and patience get you a lot further than just barreling ahead like Leroy Jenkins. Please slow down and learn to take advice. What you're doing is not working, and what we do is.


    "The definition of crazy is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting different results." - Marilyn Monroe.


    This man?


    This man right here?


    This man right here knows what he's talking about.

  9. Turns out that despite quite a bit of time away from poker, I've still got it.


    As a result Daniel Negreanu will stake me in the WSOP Main Event for an undisclosed percentage to facilitate my explosion into the public poker scene.


    I'd say wish me luck, but we all know I don't need it.

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  10. I don't care if you boys want to talking some bullshit about satan, apples or whatever... This is a poker forum and I posted a real story asking for constructive opinions, so go on an apples forum to talk or stop posting ur bs here in my thread.


    You're never going to be a winning player with that attitude.


    Quit poker and go into accounting.

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