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  1. Guess I just took a little offense to your "uneducated assesment" statement you made about my prediction of the fight. You may have been around the block a few times, but I have too.It's all good, just differeing opinions on a fight we would all like to see.
  2. I don't think it was his attitude...I think it was Silva's power. I guarentee you that Farnklin is still not afraid to fight anyone in the division and will fight Silva in the future.Either way...the middleweights on The Ultimate Fighter better get some great insurance because Silva is going to rearrange their face.
  3. Wow! I can't belive how easily Silva manhandled Franklin. That Muay Thai clinch he had him in was sick. Riches face, especially his nose was a mess. I'm sure there will be a rematch in '07.I'm still a Franklin fan, but Silva looked unreal!
  4. Who wins?Both are tough guys. Rich Franklin has been in some wars and always seems to come out on top. Anderson Silva destroyed Chris Leban...but he is not in Rich's class at this point in his career.I see Rich winning a decision in a brutal fight.
  5. Who the hell are you? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something. Don't bash without backing it up.Both are great fighters, but I think Chuck is superior...my opinion.
  6. They spent like 10 minutes talking about Jens and how he was coming back to claim his belt and in the imortal words of Chris Tucker in the movie 'Friday' he got knocked the **** out! Great job by Joe!
  7. It would be a great fight, but I would say that Chuck would win in a slugfest.
  8. We limped into that spot, but boy does it feel good to see the Tigers in the playoffs.
  9. BJ looked good for the first few minutes. I was impressed at his ability to defend the takedown. As expected thouh, Matt's condo was just too tough.GSP better be on top of his game, or Matt is going to kill him.
  10. Matt Hughes is the best out there. He will beat BJ Penn soundly and then wait the cakewalk fight he'll have against the TUF winner.
  11. By Michael, "look there's Oscar's roomate ________ I wonder if he know's Oscar is gay."Funniest show on tv!
  12. LT will put up some good points for my team this year. I picked up Reggie Bush with one of my later picks, hopefully NO will really showcase him and he'll put up some stats.
  13. With the success of David Ortiz...should a DH be able to win MVP?If you think about it, defensive ability rarely gets mentioned when talking about MVP, typically offensive numbers are just shown.I can see good points to both sides. I guess I lean a little toward no, since they do not have to play any defense which is 50% of the game.
  14. Never said Steve was a bad guy, he seemed like a guy who loved what he did and loved to educate and entertain. I simply said that in his line of work, he is put in potentially dangerous or deadly situations more than your or I. When in those situations, you are more prone to being injured or killed.
  15. Could be...but in all fairness Ken had a great run. But his run is over and it's time for him to end his fighting career. If he hangs on too long (and may already have) his legacy will be that of a guy who didn't know when to say enough was enough.
  16. Mike Matasow...especially on his brief run on High Stakes Poker
  17. The Detroit News had an interesting article on it today. The have team sources that say he was a problem in the clubhouse and only cared about himself. But, the same article quotes Todd Jones and Sean Casey as saying he was a hard worker, good guy and good teammate. Very weird!Again tonight, we are too aggressive at the plate. There is nothing illegal, immoral or wrong about taking a pitch or two every now and then. Patience, patience, patience!
  18. I'm sure somebody will sell the video and it will appear on Hard Copy or a show like that. Sad, but I bet we will all soon see it.
  19. And the infamous 6-sided ring! Maybe he can work for some of the indy shows that wrestle in high school gyms and VFW Halls.
  20. That guy is an idiot! I knew it was him that did something stupid when he began talking about all of his past mistakes and how he was going to do better.I like the fact that Dana didn't yell or scream at him and just said "pack your bags, you're going home."Pretty big waste of a fight. When I looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:55 and the fight was just starting I knew it would be a quick one.
  21. Every Detroit fan still wakes up from a nights sleep and think that they just had a bad dream and Barry is still with the team.
  22. Didn't see that one coming, especially since his build doesn't reflect it. I'm sure he'll use the Justin Gatlin excuse of "I got a massage and they rubbed some of clear into my legs to frame me."
  23. I can still remember him doing those and laughing like crazy. I was always amazed that a legit fighter would do WWE. I'm sure he got paid well for making a fool of himself.
  24. Good points. Honestly I would like to see Tito pound Ken so that his only career option is to go back to the WWE and become Ken Shamrock...The World's Most Dangerous Man again
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