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  1. I read an article on this a couple of years ago from some phsycologist.He stated that the feeling of losing is always far worse than the joy of winning.I don`t remember the technical stuff he said but he did refer to bad beats sticking in your mind longer and more clearly than a winning hand
  2. Stand up as you turn your cards over and yell "BOHICA" Bend Over Here It Comes Again
  3. 20 yrs ago Flamingo hotel in Vegas. I was playing poker and this guy whohad been playing a slot machine told his wife to watch it while he went to the washroom.It was a jackpot machine and you had to put 3 dollars in to hit the jackpot, naturally his wife drops 1 dollar in hits 3 7's and wins $ 300 just as he comes back.He screams at her that you just cost me 2.5 million dollars you biatch and starts to beat the snot out of her until security pulled him off
  4. I get the same thing on party. it freaks you out when the flop just appearsinstantly and then all the bets suddenly appear
  5. WTG Fidler....dont worry about being much of a writer..this is FCP we will read anything .... and then fill in the blanks,make stuff up and give you our opinion whether you want it or not.
  6. I pulled this off of PokerEH.comThe World Poker Tour is coming to Niagara Falls, CANADA! The Fallsview Casino Resourt in beautiful Niagara Falls Canada has just signed a multi-year deal with the World Poker Tour to have a series of poker tournaments in October. These tournaments will range in price from $300 up to the main event, which is a $10,000.00 buy in No limit texas holdem tournament. The World Poker Tour currently has tournaments around the world, but this is the first WPT event to come to Canada. According to the WPT website: "The tournament (locations) were selected based on prestige
  7. No one got removed...Jerry was electrocuted ( the lights went out when it happened)Jimmy got caught selling something to MikeWe have been on a break since
  8. Someone start a poll ...Who will disappear after this break
  9. Now i understand...they are playing Mafia pokerYou get short stacked u disappear
  10. I logged on at noon to watch a little poker....its 10 pm and all i have seen is a LITTLE poker
  11. This internet thing is not going to catch on.. I think its just a fad
  12. LOL i am at work too...Willie Nelson concert ....
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