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  1. The question is, how many teams are in Karlssons allowable trade list, and are the leafs one of them.
  2. mike Fisher comeback? Love the guy, but seems like a seriously bad idea
  3. oh, okay. So you’re just gonna leave his spot in the lineup blank cos no one can fill his spot? Interesting strategy!
  4. funny, we have had the conversation before, but the thought of keep8ng players to compete in survivor it crept into my trade intentions In the end I (obv) made the trades, but I thought about it
  5. The steelheads fire sale is heating up. If you’re not buying, you’re falling behind.... still a couple of pieces to move....
  6. It’s all going to be decided by the steelheads traded to one or two of those three....
  7. Deadline coming! Get your steelheads while you can!
  8. I jus5 read the transcript of a testimony to the senate investigation committee on Russian interference of Simpson, the ceo of the investigative firm that Christopher Steele, the ex Brit Mi6 guy worked for. 182 pages. Fascinating. Synopsis? Trump and family are finger puppets to piles of Russian mob money...
  9. Happy birthday Nathan, roll a hard eight one time for your dad!
  10. amazing, isn’t it? Ferry service to the island is suspended, so island dwelling idiots try to walk there instead of tak8ng airport ferry.
  11. I was on the fire boat breaking ice in Toronto harbour. -34C with the wind chill out there. It was un-****in-pleasant.
  12. Can I just live auction my tradeable players to the 3 contenders?
  13. i won in the finals. Do you remember that bob?
  14. i can’t access it from any city of Toronto computer or network. Which means while at work for 24 hours at a time I’d be hard pressed to get on it.
  15. Eichel BUF Landeskog COL Stastny STL Koivu MIN Frolik CAL Pulkinnen VGK Ekblad FLO Larsson EDM Mac Donald PHI Pysyk FLO Calgary goalies
  16. Landeskog COL MIller NYR Sheary PIT GRanlund VAN Soderberg COL Helm DET Ekblad FLO Trouba WPJ Boychuk NYI Pysyk FLO NYI goalies
  17. Eichel BUF Miller NYR Koivu miN Hayes NJd Pulkinnen VGK Zajac NJD Empty Empty Empty Empty Nashville goalies
  18. Landeskog COL Glachnyuk MTL Stastny STL Frolik CAL Sheary PIT Granlund VAN Ekblad FLO Trouba WPJ Boychuk PEtry MTL Calgary Goalies OT Landeskog
  19. pretty sure I’m not minus two w Nashville goalies.
  20. One change: Landeskog still suspended. Replace him with soderberg COL
  21. they have a pocket with a hole in them so you can 'find' that lost golfball in the rough
  22. i can't believe I missed vokeys like that. That was a steal. My buddy messaged me tonight. Every single putter and iron set is gone. There's only about a dozen drivers left.
  23. As a result of spending sometime shopping today, wayne and I have agreed to swap our teams in their entirety.
  24. You know what both of those teams could use? Miku Koivu and Gabriel Landeskog. Start trading fellas....
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