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  1. Bunch of nerds? You were the dullest mofo on there. NWP puts out recordings of the shows so I suggest you download it and listen to what you sound like. After hearing you it's easy to see why this place is so dull!
  2. this guy is so transparent. it's obvious he is ripping on druff to make himself feel better in some twisted sort of way. talk about going to great lengths.. (but not to great heights) YOU ARE STILL MISERABLE.
  3. breaking druff apart like that obviously makes him feel better about himself. why else would he be so compelled to go into such great detail? yeah. bye.
  4. Slimenem: heard you are going to play Negreanu for $500K! neverwin: think just 250k Slimenem: thats crazy money man Slimenem: thats still a lot neverwin: i could afford to lose neverwin: after i crush id play for more but he wont want to play me anymore Slimenem: crush him? neverwin: yeah
  5. just as 99% of this forum acts to daniel?anyone that knows neverwin personally knows the kid is brilliant. if neverwin thought this was 50/50 shot he wouldnt be playing daniel. he has nothing to prove, he's doing it because he knows he has an edge.3/2 odds may be stupid in a no limit heads up match, but they are playing limit. if you are so worried about it, and have so much faith in daniel, then someone step forward and give me even odds for 5k.
  6. that's cool. im sure someone at nwp will take you up on that. but i rather not get into a bunch of smaller bets. i want someone on here (preferably a forum regular) to put some significant money where their mouth is. evenmore so, i hope it's one of those that has written off neverwin before the match has even started. those who know neverwin are fully aware of his abilities in limit hold'em, and are certain he will prove once and for all he isn't outclassed by dn. personally, i think he is the favorite.
  7. ill bet a maximum of 5k. minimum of 1k. so one person 5k, or 5 of you 1k each. however you guys want to do it. what we will have to work out is how this will be paid when the match is over. maybe someoen could hold our money? maybe dn himself? or we could go by the honor system... give me some suggestions.
  8. he's a cash game player thats only been around a few years. the tournaments he has played he's had a ton of success. it's pathetic how you guys are so quick to bash him and write him off just because you don't know him from tv land."**** neverwin""thats like rodman playing jordan"you guys are chumps. i'll lay anyone here 3:2 on their HU match. nevrwin will smoke him.
  9. WSOP results:neverwin: $504, 000. (only 3 tournaments played)dn: jack all. (443214124131324 played)neverwin: 2 final tables.dn: 0 final tables.neverwin: cashed in main event; made top 30.dn: didn't cash.
  10. Anyone that isn't from pokerstars! I'd prefer a UB player to take it down, or a pro from fulltilt. **** stars!
  11. I only get sound and no picture?What am I missing? Can anyone post a link? I really want to watch these and I'd appreciate it more than anything.
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