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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Obviously bitter because he never took a chance.
  2. i haven't played at UB in 5 years and i just downloaded it and checked it out... I had a free $10.The UB interface, BTW, is awful...
  3. I like Phil, but every time he puts on that costume he loses 12.42% of his fan base
  4. will this go be listed as "Biggest Poker Tourney" or "Biggest Donk Fest" in the Guinness Book?doubled up... 1180 now. This crazy Russian on my left will be doubling me up again very soon.
  5. had a straight counterfeited on the river after a guy called the flop with no pair, no draw, called the turn with a gutshot and hit on the river.560 left
  6. $45,120 is gonna be a sweet little payday...
  7. I'm in for $10... shipped to king_tanner
  8. 1st rule of winning poker: NEVER fold AK.
  9. speaking of bumps, will OP be able to do those or are drugs included in his abstinence?
  10. never mind... just got a flash that FTP is going down for maintenance shortly...
  11. i always liked scotty before seeing this... tonight's display was sickening.
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