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  1. I think the blackjack will work out well for them, but their interface is a little limiting since other players cant watch and as far as I know there's no way to sit at tables together. Blackjack is definitely a social game, even more so than poker. I'd want the ability to sit with friends at the same table and chat/play together. The side bet is a nice little feature. Seems like they're experimenting a little at least. I would definitely recommend against doing it since the odds are way in party's favor (much more than even the blackjack) but i'm sure alot of people will try it and party wil
  2. I'm sure many of you play online quite a bit. Just giving you a heads up on rakeback if you dont already have it or know about it. Basically you can get a percentage of your rake output refunded to you each month, which varies depending on the site. Your getting money you otherwise would be giving to the poker sites... who wouldnt want that?If you truly want to maximize your poker profits, you should sign up to receive this refund. This is especially true if you multitable regularly, but anyone can benefit from a return (large or small) they wouldnt see without rakeback.I recently started usin
  3. I've lost $500 playing 6-12 in one 6 hour session. I won all my other sessions that trip though so i more than covered it. Most I've ever lost at NL is $300 at $1/2 NL. If you count the PartyPoker Step 4 higher 3k+300 sng (original 100k step higher structure) that would be my biggest loss ever. I didnt buy-in directly though stepped up from $30+3.The most I've ever lost gambling in general is $900 at blackjack in 3 hours. I will probably never play blackjack again. LOL.
  4. I'm sure its the most money hes ever won and he was so excited about that that he didnt care that he could have gotten ~$700 more if they had done a chop by chip count... or even the fact that he could have won the 16k since he had a decent chip advantage heads up.
  5. The poll and alot of the posts dont take chip stacks into account. DN only had 10k left after his reraise with KK and 3k in the pot. What if the guy with QQ had 35k or more? Considering they started with 20k its a possibilty. If thats true the guy with QQ wasnt going to "go broke" by losing the hand and was instead putting DN to the test with a hand he felt was a coinflip or considerable favorite, which is usually the case. I think given DNs style and the fact that he's a recognizable pro tends to get amatuer players to play alot differently with him in general. I know I'd probably reraise all
  6. I play 5/10 and 6/12 limit. If I'm first to act I usually check/raise the flop and lead out on the other streets, especially if I wasnt the raiser. From my experience it ensures the most money gets in the pot on average, since players are much more likely to call the small bet raise with 2 cards to come than the big bet raise with 1 card to come. Especially good against 1-2 opponents. I would most likely get cuter if there were more people in the pot and/or I knew my opponent would bet. If I am the preflop raiser and first to act on the flop I usually lead out on all streets. From what I've se
  7. I think DN is over analyzing situations sometimes and its costing him. I may not have the experience or anywhere near the success he's had but it seems pretty clear he needs to "risk it" with KK in that spot. Odds of someone having AA when you have KK is 1 in 26 I believe. In a tournament situation I would say you'd have to play KK preflop for any amount 99.99% of the time, 100% of the time given his situation. He had already invested almost 25% of his chips and he was at half his starting stack very early in the tournament when faced with the decision. His opponent probably has at least twic
  8. God thats hilarious. That kid talks way too much shit saying his age and how he uses different accounts and all that. He should keep his mouth shut about that stuff so they dont ban him from the site but otherwise i think its funny that he talked so much shit to everyone and they knew he was only 17. I cant believe everyone was giving him shit for winning though. He did get 7th last year and he does play poker for a living. Its not like a random Moneymaker or Valkonyi. According to that article he won 300k last year after dropping out of high school. He was also an accomplished Magic:the Gathe
  9. Against the player and given your position at the table and your chip stack you have to make that all-in play. Going all-in gives you the best chance of winning this hand because:1) You usually isolate against the raiser. AK is best in a heads up situation.2) You have fold equity You force him to fold a alot of hands to your reraise. You need to put him to the test.3)If he calls your most likely a coin flip or better. 4)AK is only a coinflip vs a lower pair if all 5 cards are dealt. Smooth calling here is a bad decision because:1) Another player may call the raise behind you with a marginal ha
  10. Party wouldnt have to ban hand histories to prevent data mining, they would just have to block observers from viewing hand histories which I would think would be fairly simple if they decided to do that. I'm not against data mining but I think people that do it on the level this guy does is wasting his time. In alot of cases, your presense at the table should affect the way others play. Because of that, unless your at the table the actions of other players in other situations isnt as relevant. Plus you also have to consider the time between when the data was collected and when you actually pla
  11. I think I have that thingy, probably a fairly mild case. I'll have to look into it. Seriously.Is it contagious?! (Not seriously.)
  12. That hand was fairly sick. Seems like some bad players did very well in that tournament. No idea why the guy decided to reraise all-in with K2 in that spot when raymer was already in for 1/3rd of his chips... he is definitely calling an all-in in that spot with nearly any hand he'd reraise with. Really horrible spot to get knocked out. Whatever not like Raymer doesnt have enough $$$ from his antics at the 04' WSOP lol.
  13. I definitely wont be jumping on the Stacked bandwagon. I'm sure its a great product, probably the best poker video game to date when it's released, but you cant beat the real thing with your money on the line.
  14. You need to call the floor over to make a ruling. From what you've said the dealer comes off as a complete idiot to me because he should definitely know not to ask the table for a ruling when hes supposed to be taking charge in that situation. Thats just ridiculous. He's supposed to make all the rulings and if he doesnt know or someone has a problem with it he needs to call the floor. The same rules must apply to every hand, especially in a tournament setting.In you situation I would definitely be willing to give up AA without question if the rules supported it. If I lose that hand I'd be more
  15. People do it ALL the time. I know people that share accounts/bankrolls, occasionally sit at the computer together to play the bigger tournaments(not sure if they play together at all or if they just take turns using the account). The only reason we even know they share an account is because they're well known pros and they revealed their actual names at some point. You should just consider yourself lucky you know 2 different pros use that account and make use of the information as best you can because they didnt have to tell anyone who they were. Your chips are in trouble when you see their sn
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