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  1. I was just about to join Pacific, but if that's how they treat folks, see ya...
  2. Hey iowa.. u can check out my designs on page 9 of the logo contest if ya want. figured i'd let ya know.. thanks budRT, I just saw your entries along with the others and I'll tell you if we ever need our corporate or product logos redone, you'll be getting a call from me. I went thru all the logos that have been posted and you have to be in the finals. Mike BHealeydays
  3. I forgot her name, but her picture can be found on big-boys with A TON of other smoking hot babes. OMG I could spend hours on this page ...http://www.big-boys.com/articles/bb29.html i did spend hours on that page!!!! lolElisha CutbertAdorable, but I was hoping it was a sister...
  4. Sorry to butt in here but I have to ask:Royal_Tour who is that beautiful woman you are using as your Avatar? 8)
  5. Speaking of body doubles, did you see the college kid from FL across the table? Is he a theatre major working on his impressions of Gus? I thought I was looking at Gus jr over there with every one of Gus' twitches, stretches etc...
  6. To your questionsNo I don't think she is the top female, but I will put her in somewhere in the top 20.When I saw her on ESPN beating Helmuth I rooted for her. He's just a bit loud for me.Not many mothers of 4 kids turn me on, so that covers the other questionsI will admit that I am impressed with the play of many of the proffesionals I've seen and had beat me in Tourneys. So I may not love them, but I can respect them and Annie has definately won more than I have so she gains my respect. Now Helmuth even though he has won is a different story entirely...As for a sone babe I haven't got a c
  7. I give Annie alot of credit with her play and raising a family with her husband. She definately isn't the strongest player on the tour, but she is far from the weakest. I'd rate her somewhere in the middle of my top 20 women. As for her spat with Daniel and her, things happen betwen people that are none of our business. Yes it's entertaining, but those 2 are human beings too...JMHO,Mike BHealeydays
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