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  1. does it piss anyone else off? his stupid scripted impressions that are supposed to be funny?dead set every times he does them it just makes me want to shoot him.
    I have to say that I enjoy Kaplan's commentary better than most. He gets the game and the thinking around the table better than most of these hosts.Also, if you don't like him, then as a now famous sweathog use to say "Up your nose with a rubber hose..."
  2. I just happened to be at Foxwoods on opening day and watched some of the early action. There are some players that are beyond "dead money" that played for at least the 1st hour that I just couldn't believe they are so dumb. I was talking to one guy who lasted maybe 40 minutes and he told me he got his entry from his wife who gave it to him as a 40th birthday present. He said "A steak dinner with a nice bottle of wine would have lasted longer than I did, but this memory will last forever". All I could say back to him was "Nice to have money to throw away..."

  3. I know you can use anything for a card protector, but wondering if there was a place that sells them specifically.A friends wife is looking to buy one for her husband and I just had to say :club: "I don't know. Let me look into it"PS: she wants to have it engraved.
    There are over 400 auctions on Ebay for different card protectors as of today.
  4. Great cause. I had a cousin die of this terrible disease. What Your Pledge Dollars Buy $25 Flu Shot $65 One minute of research $100 One support group session $150 One physical, occupational or respiratory therapy consultation $200 Professional fees related to initial diagnostic work-up at an MDA clinic $500 Assists one person for one year with the repair of a wheelchair or leg braces $600 Sends one child to MDA summer camp $2,000 Assists one person with the purchase of a wheelchair, leg braces or communication device 77.25% of every dollar MDA spends goes directly to research, health care services and education, the rest to fund raising and administration. One minute of research costs $65. MDA is providing $86.9 million this year for its Health Care Services program. MDA is providing $22.8 million this year for its Professional and Public Health Education program. MDA is providing $34.3 million this year for research, funding some 350 projects worldwide. MDA maintains some 235 hospital-affiliated clinics, including 37 MDA/ALS centers. MDA clinics are staffed by teams of top health professionals skilled in the diagnosis and medical management of neuromuscular diseases. Services provided at MDA clinics may include occupational therapy, selected diagnostic tests, genetic counseling, respiratory therapy and more.

  5. Who's upset here? No one is complaining. Poker is poker. My original question was simply if there is a good way to survive this type of encounter, short of simply hoping that your odds prevail, and going bust if they don't.In a cash game, I believe the answer is very straight-forward. In tournament play, it may be a cloudier issue.Again, this same issue could come up if you have an overpair, in which case your odds may be around 60/40, rather than about 75/25 if you have a set.Incidentally, Matusow busted out of the WSOP with just such a hand. I don't see how he could have avoided it, either. But that's the point of my post. Is there a smarter way to play when you're up against a flush draw on the flop? When is caution warranted? What about trapping?With a set, I think the question has been largely answered, and my position is "whatever you think will get you the most chips." Trapping with a smaller (half-pot) bet is risky since the flush card may hit on the turn if you get 3-4 callers (and no raisers), nevertheless, I don't think it's a bad play, and it may allow you back out of the hand on the turn and survive the tournament. Yes, it's a risk, too, but if a flush card doesn't come on the turn, your pot may be 3 times bigger, or perhaps you even have a full-house now.Statistically, it's easy to say "get all your chips in the pot on the flop", but will that earn you the most chips? Especially if it's an otherwise crappy flop.If Daniel tells me that the trap play is bad, maybe then I'll listen. Or maybe I'll just go ask Phil. :club:
    I really don't see that this was an overly bad play. I guess it somewhat depends on the style player you have sitting across from you.
  6. What a great movie!!!! It was funnier that watching Phil Hellmuth get 1 outered(hahaha, it's poker related so you can't move it!)
    At least the commercials may finally stop. It cost 50 million to make and they probably spent that much to hype it. They wouldn't let reviewers see the movie in advance leading to speculation IT"S A DOG...
  7. funny that raymer would call daniel a puppet for the WPT because it seems to me that raymer is actually a puppet for stars. you see, stars is the one who has the most to lose by the WPT using raymer's likeness. they signed an exclusive deal with him. however, legally speaking, they have no standing to sue. therefore, they need to have someone with standing to sue the WPT. enter raymer and hachem. it's no coincidence that the plaintiffs in the suit are stars biggest clients. i seriously doubt that raymer and hachem hired these lawyers. stars did, to protect their contracted right to market the WSOP winners. to me, there is no other explanation...
    I hate to admit it, but this probably makes sense for Stars to hire a couple lawyers and let those 2 be the front guys. If the WSOP did the same as the WPT then Stars might have an issue using the boys of the last few WSOPs like they do now. What I think is a bit stupid is the gaffers tape across hats and shirts at the final tables. I can understand that it is a bit much and alot of free advertising, but last week's PPT final at Foxwoods was real dumb with tape across Dan Harrington's Boston Red Sox logo hat. He wears that hat for all tourneys and during other table shots, there was no problem with the logo showing. Come on guys, common sense once and awhile?
  8. I would think the LVPD would have bigger fish to fry then Mike. I wonder if he cut a deal to send some big time dealer to the cooler for a long time. Sounds like entrapment to me.
    Go reread the article. It wasn't local cops, it was the DEA and probably an agent looking for a name. Think about it, Poker is an interesting place to launder money if you were any good.Mike, I give you props if you really have made the turn. It's not an easy thing to do...
  9. I can also understand where he is coming from. Let's say I am use to playing in a $10-$20 game. Would I get the same thrill if I was to play in a .25-.50 game? Probably not, I'd play and try to win just as hard, but my heart wouldn't be totally into it seeing what my end return would probably be compared to my regular game.

  10. Guys, I see alot of TV possibilities. There is still enough Holdem to keep ESPN happy, but there is a nice bonus with the bracelet heads up. Take a look at the heads up on NBC and you'll see that it is watched. Great idea Daniel. Any feedback from the powers to be?

  11. They were both free entires, I cashed out my $ and bought a truck, a boat, and a trailer. So now I am poor again :club: I didn't realize the tough payout structure at first, just looking for some games to pass the time. Oh, I also payed off my Audi and 10K in CC debt so far. I usually look for free buy-ins and satelites to get the chance for good cash again.
    Nice pulls.If you don't mind me asking, what were the payouts?
  12. Anyway, where significant others playing poker is -EV is in what they want to do with the money.  I don't lose often, but in any given session I usually win just enough to cover dinner out.  I'm definitely not buying cars and electronics.  So when I made $940 in PL Omaha on Saturday, Keri conveniently sidled over and asked how much.  I told her, and said that it would help with rent and books, and without missing a beat she said, "Orrrrrrrrrr, they have these nice capris at American Eagle.  We can go to Nashua tomorrow... they're open until 6."  So basically, when I break even our relationship is good, but when I win she turns into a shameless locust.  It's partly my fault because I'm whipped. -EV
    Nashua? Do you play any of the local tourneys?
  13. The real question is who's going to catch for Wake this year???
    What's his name, from NY. Yankees back-up from last year. 'Belli will be missed.Flaherty. John Flaherty. Sox also had prospect Kelly Schoppach, but I'm pretty certain they moved him.
    Issue is John Flaherty has never caught a knuckle and Kelly was in the package sent to Cleveland for Crisp.
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